Can You Freeze Refried Beans?

Can You Freeze Refried Beans?

A lot of us have different preferences when it comes to dishes. Some of us are a fan of Italians cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and Indian cuisine. But by far, at least in the United States, Mexican cuisines are the favorite. One of the favorites in Mexican cuisines is refried beans. It might be yours also, but if you had leftovers, what then? Can you freeze refried beans?

Refried Beans are a wonder, and they have a hint of sweetness, earthy, creamy, and plump taste. Their looks might not be the most appealing, but if you present them well, it’s a delight. Understandably, you might have made too much, So can you safely freeze it?

Yes! You can certainly freeze your refried beans! However, there is more to it than that. We will explore the best way to freeze your refried beans to get the best possible experience. Also, we will dive into some facts about refried beans that you may find beneficial.  


Fun fact, refried beans aren’t called refried because they need to be fried again. As the expert  Rick Bayless would put it, they are ‘refritos’—which means to not fry again. In Spanish, the ‘re’ is used to described well or intense. So when put together, you have well fried or intensely fried. 

With that out of the way, continue reading to learn how to freeze refried beans. 

Freezing Refried Beans, A Complete Guide

If you are reading this article, you are most likely already familiar with refried beans. Perhaps you bought them at a store, tried them at a restaurant, or you’ve made one yourself. In Mexican cuisines, refried beans are always paired with another dish, either in tacos, rice, lasagna, or as a dip.

As you might have guessed already, refried beans are just mashed beans. There are many ways they make refried beans, but the result looks quite similar to each other. Pinto beans are the most commonly used beans, but kidney beans and black beans are also great alternatives. 

In this guide, the type of bean does not matter, and as long as they are refried beans, they can be frozen. It’s easy to handle refried beans, whether it’s store-bought, homemade, or simply leftovers from ordering food. 

Storing In The Fridge

Do you have some leftovers from your last meal? Worry not, because you simply need to store them in your fridge. However, keep in mind that refried beans are only good for a few days. So plan to use them for the next few days.

First, allow your refried beans to settle at room temperature. Next, place the refried beans in an air-tight container. Remember to put the beans when they cool! Stuffing hot beans on the fridge will warm your fridge and cause it to overwork. Finally, make sure to use it within five days because it might spoil otherwise.

If you bought canned refried beans, do not fridge it with the can. Make sure that you transfer it to a different container. Canned products are very difficult to be sealed once opened. If you leave food non-air-tight, bacteria and mold will grow much quicker. 

Storing In The Freezer

Freezing your refried beans is much more than using them for the next meal. Freezing your refried beans will make it last indefinitely! However, it will largely depend on how well you store it. But if it wasn’t stored properly, you can expect it to last 2 to 12 months at least.

Freezing is a great way to make refried beans accessible anytime you want. Make or purchase a batch of them, and you are set for a long time. Again, it will depend on how well you will store it. 

First, allow it to settle at room temperature. Next, divide the beans depending on how much you will use. We divide the beans so that we don’t have to keep opening them when used. Otherwise, the rest will spoil much quicker. Seal each portion separately and put some date on it to track it easier. Finally, you are set for an indefinite time. 

While I do say indefinite time, preferably eat them within 12 months since they are at their best during that time. If you manage to carefully follow the instructions, then you are sure that your refired beans won’t spoil.

Don’t Have A Fridge?

Do you are planning to go for a hike or bring your refried beans to some reunion? Do you think it will spoil before you arrive at a destination? If you don’t have a portable fridge or cooler, don’t worry. You can also choose to dry your refried beans! By drying, we mean dehydrating your refried beans. 

You can dry your refried beans using an oven. First, lay your refried beans on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Lay them thinly and spread them across the baking sheet. Next, bake them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes or until dry.

Once dry, they are very stiff, and they resemble dried soil. What you want to do is grind it up until it becomes powder-like. Finally, store it in air-tight bags or air-tight containers. To rehydrate the refried beans back, add some 1 cup of water for every cup of refried beans. That’s it! You can now store your refried beans without a fridge.


Can you freeze your refried beans? Absolutely! No problem at all. Now, you might wonder how to reheat them back? Simple, add them to a skillet and reheat it. You might notice that the refried beans might be a bit dry, simply add oil or water to bring back its paste-like texture. If you want a much simpler option, a microwave is also good for reheating it. 

To check whether your refried beans have gone bad, check the smell and the appearance. If anything is amiss, throw them away immediately. Better safe than sorry.
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