Can I Eat Crawfish While Pregnant

Can I Eat Crawfish While Pregnant? Mummy-To-Be, Please Take Note

Talking about a pregnant woman’s diet, as they say when a woman is expecting, she has to eat the food of two. Nothing’s wrong with this but one has to be very careful during the 9 months of pregnancy when it comes to consuming a healthy diet. In this regard, eating fish twice a week is essential and beneficial for the development of the baby; it contains omega-3, which is known to be very important for the fertile years and baby growth. This is due to the significant amounts of all contaminants it has. There are always restrictions on eating in this phase of life; e.g. some seafood is highly restricted to eat because of the mercury in them. It can cause a health risk to the mother and to the baby’s brain as well. But, a person who loves to eat all kinds of fish can ask, can I eat crawfish while pregnant type of questions. 

To know this and more fish facts during pregnancy give it a read.

Crawfish In Pregnancy

Crawfish, the species which belongs to the Asteroidean superfamily, also known as craydids, crawdads, freshwater lobster, crayfish, or yabbies, resembles a lot to lobster but contains the same nutritional benefits as other fish, low in calories and rich in protein. It contains fatty acids that lessen the chances of cardiovascular disease and have more health benefits too. 

Having crawfish is totally a person’s choice. Some people do not like to have it; there’s no harm if you never eat it in your lifetime. It is an excellent source of selenium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium, just like the usual fish; thus, the answer to can I eat crawfish while pregnant is a yes. 

But eating crawfish comes with a warning sign only if you do not cook it well. This slimming food should be cooked well to avoid any health problems.

Best Fish For Pregnancy

As crawfish, other fish are also good for pregnancy as their fatty acids, proteins and rich in iodine properties make them an essential part of a healthy diet. Taking fish twice a week is good, but doctors mostly suggest that consuming different varieties of fish during pregnancy is good for both the mother and the kid. 

Therefore, the best fish for pregnancy are salmon, sardines, dogfish, cod, mackerel, catfish, plaice, char, smelt, oysters, clams, crabs, shrimp, lobster, and trout. But the fish intake quantity varies from person to person. Some canned light fish tuna is good too. One thing one should take care of while eating fish is that it should be fully cooked. Half-cooked fish will create problems for the baby and the mother.

Fish To Avoid During Pregnancy

On the other hand, certain fish consumption is prohibited during pregnancy. The list of fish to avoid during pregnancy is a bit longer than the ones that are okay to eat. These include Halibut, Bar, Carp, Barbell, Monkfish, Bonito, Ray, Tuna, Shark, Lamprey, Siki, Swordfish and Marlin. I might have skipped any but a pregnant lady should avoid eating them all. 

The reason why one should stop eating certain fish during pregnancy is because of the large number of contaminants like mercury present in them. Even if you are buying from a store or canned one, make sure it does not have mercury in it; it is really very bad for the pregnant woman, also for the one who is planning and who is breastfeeding and damages the baby’s brain.

Food Guide For Pregnancy 

Most people do not know what not to eat for a healthy pregnancy and safe baby delivery. Here, I am going to mention the food items that you should avoid when you are expecting. You should be very careful during these months. Keep in mind that consuming a bad diet may lead to infections, premature babies, and sometimes to a miscarriage. 

Starting from the fresh fruits and vegetables, one should never have them unwashed as the insects or bacteria on them may cause unwanted harmful infection. Also, avoid having unpasteurized fruits and vegetables (their juices like apple cider vinegar), raw fish as mentioned above, barely cooked raw eggs, alcohol, wine, half-cooked meat, fish, seafood, hot dogs, and sausages. Also avoid the entire ready-to-eat, canned food items. Avoid eating liver too; undoubtedly, all the mentioned food items do contain vitamins but they are not good for a pregnant woman. 

On the other hand, good quality dairy products, peas, beans, peanuts, soybeans, legumes, chicken, beef, pork, sweet potatoes, eggs, broccoli, berries, brown rice, wheat berries, oats, avocados, all sort of dried fruits, fresh juices of fruits are all the essential for a pregnant woman and the development of a healthy baby. 

Other than the food guide, a pregnant lady should also perform the exercise and should take part in healthy exercise. Therefore, one should follow all the guidelines given by the gynecologist for the health of the mother and safe delivery of the baby. 


Eating for two during pregnancy should not be followed but rather a variety of foods and a good intake of fruits, vegetables, proteins, calcium. Eating well during pregnancy is essential for the proper development of the unborn baby but also for the health of the pregnant woman. Also, if you are pregnant or planning a baby, do not hesitate to ask any question that crosses your mind. Because it’s better to ask a question than eating wrong and damaging your health. 

Coming to the crawfish, it is difficult to eat and cook as well. It tastes good when spicy although eating crawfish is a bit tricky. Once you master how to eat it, you can teach it to your friends too. Why not arrange a crayfish party as it is healthy and fun to eat. Make sure that you cook it well enough that no part of it remains uncooked; poorly cooked crayfish are dangerous for consumption.

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