3 Best Canned Clam Chowder For Quick Cooking At Home

If you are looking for the best canned clam chowder for you or your family, we’re here to help you. After spending numbers of hours in our kitchen, we’ve found out which is the best canned clam chowder brand. You can even save more money because most of them are sold on Amazon.

Let’s go, shall we?

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Progresso Traditional Soup, New England Clam Chowder

 You might be familiar with canned clam chowder from Campbell’s, Bumblebee Snow’s or Bar Harbor. 

However, there is another brand that I experienced and absolutely opted for it more times, it’s the clam chowder from Progresso.

This brand proudly confirms that they only use real and fresh ingredients, so if you are a picky person who is always careful in choosing a reliable source of food, you should stick with this product.


  • Fresh flavor 
  • Gluten-free
  • Proper sizes of clams and veggies


  • Easily dented cans
  • Too salty for some people

Clam chowder is always at the top of preferred soup at home or in a restaurant, especially in the cold winter. 

However, I think not anyone can make a perfect chowder. Because it will require the delicacy from the clams’ selection step to preparing on how to remove all the sand in the clams, and finally end up with a well-seasoning. 

If you are a clam chowder lover like me, but the call for that skillfulness is out of your ability, I think the first alter method that comes up in our mind will be a processed can of clam chowder. 

At first, there was still doubt that canned food will have many preservatives and doesn’t taste homemade or natural. 

But I was totally wrong when I found out the Progressor New England clam chowder. This product literally knocked me down, and I bet you too if you once tried it. 

This clam chowder is made with big chunks of vegetables and pure clams, only contains less than 1% of not-really-good ingredients, like sugar, salt or artificial color. So they won’t cause any health problems even with a significant consumption.

The best feeling is having a bowl of hot clam chowder on a windy day for breakfast, I’m sure the wild deliciousness will awaken you right away. 

The creamy texture and flavorful taste are what to describe this soup.

Per my preference, I like to add a little pepper or garlic to complete this delicious dish. Still, you can just open the lid and consume the chowder immediately, or better warm it up a little bit without adding any other ingredients.

Some people expect to have more clams meat in the can or wish the consistency to be thicker or thinner, I know it’s the personal favorite, and the clam chowder itself cannot satisfy all the customers. 

However, all those small issues can easily be fixed, and it apparently doesn’t affect the quality of the chowder. For me, everything is perfect, no need for improvement.

The only thing that might become an obstacle for the newbies is this product is sold in bulk (like 8 to 12 cans), so if you just want to give it a try, you can share with your friends in the first purchasing. 

But believe me, after trying the first can, you may wish to take all of them back to your kitchen because the delicious flavor of the clam chowder will make you want to stay with it. 

So once again, this Progressor New England clam chowder is highly recommended.

Campbell’s Chunky Manhattan Clam Chowder

Clam chowder is no stranger to us, however, to make the best soup is not an easy task. 

Today, many brands have manufactured many canned clam chowder per year. There is one of them I highly recommend to use, it’s Campbell’s Chunky Manhattan clam chowder. 

With the combination of familiar and fresh ingredients like clams, potatoes, tomatoes, celery,…, and other spices, this product will provide us with many health benefits and help tackle our hunger in minutes.


  • Large meaty clams
  • Fresh flavor 
  • Suitable price


  • Easily dented cans
  • More tomato taste than clams for some people

I personally love clam chowder. However, most of the processed clam chowder in the market has chopped or minced clams that I don’t really like. 

When it comes to homemade clam chowder since I have kids so I need to ensure that there are no large pieces in the soup too so that my babies can consume it with ease.

So as you can see, I rarely have chances to enjoy the clam chowder, which has lumps and large pieces per my preference. It would be a waste of time if I tried to make this version only for me while other members of my family cannot eat it. 

To solve this problem, I tried to find somewhere in my area that sold this kind of clam chowder. But I was lucky to catch an advertisement for chunky clam chowder from Campbell’s. 

I knew this brand as I tried many products from it, and this time, this company didn’t disappoint me either.

A can of Campbell’s chunky clam chowder has saved my life. I have been delighted that I could finally enjoy my favorite kind of clam chowder in just seconds. 

The primary material is fresh clams that are chopped in large pieces. The manufacturer also adds water, clam broth, and several kinds of farm-grown veggies so you can feel the sweet taste on every single bite. 

They restrict their use of preservatives, or if any, there is only a small amount of these additives so you can feel safe.

Unfortunately, the containing can is not microwaveable, so you need to transfer the contents to the saucepan or bowl and heat it with a stove or in a microwave or oven. 

The detailed instruction is presented right on the label, and I usually stick with the microwaving method as it’s so fast.

For me, the chowder is well seasoned and balanced, but it seems that some people who are not a fan of veggies claim that there is almost no clam flavor but just tomato flavor. 

Well, I think it actually depends on personal preference. 

Also, the can is easily dented, so you better check the quality to make sure that they will be stored appropriately. 

On the can, you can see the sentence “Soup that eats like a meal,” and it indeed does. 

With the lack of effort and some cans of chunky clam chowder, you can serve your family or guests a hearty meal. 

Believe me, this clam chowder is worth to be given a try, and I bet it will become a staple in your kitchen every time you are too busy for a meal. 

Bar Harbor Clam Chowder

Clam chowder is one of the most favorite dishes, both homemade or store-bought processed. 

However, nowadays, countless brands offer this product, so standing among a lot of choices, I would personally say Bar Harbor New England clam chowder is the best. 

This canned good is loaded with pure ingredients that are wild clams and other kinds of farm-grown veggies, so it doesn’t only satisfy our stomach, but also really good for our health. 


  • Non-BPA can
  • Gluten-free and no artificial preservatives
  • Natural and high-quality ingredients
  • Lots of clams


  • Easily dented cans
  • Thin texture for some people

Making a tasty dish sometimes turns to be a hassle as you will have to start from choosing a reliable source of foodborne, preparing, then cooking per your own recipe. 

However, when it comes to opting for processed canned food, it’s even harder. 

The reason why I claimed that because all you have on hand when choosing canned good is a can, actually. 

The only information you can get is from the label, or for someone who is more careful, they may check related details of the product on the manufacturer’s website. 

What a lucky for me that for the first time try using a canned product from Bar Harbor – the quite famous brand – I decided to stick with this item. 

It’s called Bar Harbor New England style clam chowder.

I think those who prefer natural ingredients but kind of lazy to stay in the kitchen for hours just to make a tasty dish will really like this product. 

As presented on the label, this clam chowder contains fresh clams with veggies like potatoes and onion, wheat flour, water, butter, and some other spices. 

There is no artificial flavor, so you don’t have to worry when serving this food to the whole family.

Once you have the Bar Harbor clam chowder in your kitchen, meals can be done in minutes. 

There are several ways to savor it, merely heating in a saucepan over low heat or using it as a side dish with bread. 

Dairy products like butter, cream, or milk can be added as desired to make the chowder has more creamy flavor and to thicken the consistency if you think the prepared one is still too watery. 

The first time I gave this soup a sip, the natural taste of wind and sea just combined together making the best flavor ever, like from the fresh homemade one. 

For me, there is no need for any improvement as it’s on the peak quality. 

Another thing I like about this canned clam chowder is it is produced in small batches, so if you just want to experience a little amount first, you can choose the single pack. 

Even the maximum quantity is only 6 packs (not like other brands which usually sell in bulk of double packs), so it’s not a big deal at all. 

You can store the leftover clam chowder or unopened cans in your pantry or in a freezer for the long term.

In conclusion, I just want to emphasize that it was my honest personal experience.

But I believe that it’s worth the money to buy this product from Har Barbor due to the wonderful flavor and its convenience. 

Fishpeople Razor Clam Chowder

 Fishpeople is a popular brand that is really famous for its varieties of chowder. From clam to luxury ingredients like lobster, salmon, or crabs. 

However, the most familiar chowder and also the best-sold one is the Razor clam chowder garnished with uncured bacon. 

Unlike other manufacturers containing their stuff in cans, this company uses a BPA-free pouch that can be microwaveable to keep their clam chowder. 

The brand confirms that all the ingredients are pure and loaded with a wildly delicious taste. 

Besides, the bacon is also the uncured kind that is not really high in sodium, so you can consume this product without worries about your health.


  • Non-BPA pouch
  • Gluten-free and no artificial preservatives
  • Natural and high-quality ingredients
  • Microwaveable 


  • Easily dented cans
  • Pretty pricey

I’m the one who really likes canned food because of its convenience, and the flavor of the good is much better than before. 

It seems that today, manufacturers care more about people’s health, so they don’t usually use many additives and preservatives in their products. 

My husband and kids are crazy for a hot pot of clam chowder, especially in cold winter, so I spent a lot of time searching and finding the best canned clam chowder. 

I believe that buying the processed clam chowder will be much quicker, and the taste is no less than the homemade one. 

I tried several kinds, but if you force me to stick with only one, I will opt for the Fishpeople razor clam chowder. 

This product has almost become our weekly dish due to the attractive flavor it brings. 

So anyone who is considering choosing among several brands of clam chowder, the one from Fishpeople, should be prioritized. I’ll tell you why through my personal experience.

I would challenge you to find the difference between this canned clam chowder and the fresh clam chowder that you make yourself in the kitchen. 

The ingredients are so natural and fresh, so it will bring you the savory on every single bite. 

The consistency is spot on, so you don’t need to fix a runny soup, which a lot of people by adding thickening agents or anything else, just heat and serve. 

One more exciting thing about this clam chowder that I love is the pouch it came in. 

I bet sometimes, your mind is on the cloud, and you cannot remember where the can opener is or even hard to find a bowl or pot to enjoy the clam chowder that is sold in regular cans. 

However, with this kind of pouch, all you need to do is tossing it in the microwave and let the utensil do its job. 

Whereas, you can spend time on other activities with no need to keep an eye on the clam chowder. Isn’t it so convenient?

In the term of health, because there are no artificial preservatives, so you don’t need to worry when having this item, even to feed your kids. 

It is well seasoned with the allowable amount of salt and sugar that won’t cause any health problems.  

After all, this is a product that I highly recommend for many housewives who are still struggling with making delicious clam chowder and cleaning the messy kitchen later on. 

A Fishpeople razor clam chowder is a lifesaver for sure. 

Campbell’s Condensed Manhattan Clam Chowder

If you are getting bored with your regular dishes like steaks, pizzas or hamburgers, looking for a watery dish is the way to go. 

You can make a pot of chowder in your own kitchen. Still, if you prefer an instant product, I really highly recommend a processed one from Campbell: Condensed Manhattan clam chowder. 

This product is loaded with farm-grown ingredients such as tomatoes, carrots, and celery, of course, the indispensable material is tasty clams. 

Therefore, you can feel safe to add this item to your diet.


  • Low in fat and cholesterol
  • No artificial flavors
  • Almost vegetables-free flavor despite the veggie ingredients


  • Easily dented cans
  • Too watery or salty for someone

I’ve been struggling with improving my family’s daily menu to ensure every member will not only feel full but happy with the dishes as well. 

Healthy but tasty food is what I always aim for, and it needs to be quick as there are always still my 2 kids playing around, and you know what will happen if we have kids sticking in the kitchen. 

I thought I couldn’t achieve this until one of my close friends introduce a store-bought soup to me. 

Campbell is already a famous and familiar brand here, but many people might not try their condensed clam chowder. 

This instant product can please you in just seconds, which I really need for a quick meal. Still, I cannot deny its taste is unexpected, especially for a seafood lover like me.

Since I had some packs of clam chowder available on my pantry, life has been more comfortable. I can be versatile in changing dishes to prevent boredom and still have time on my personal activities. 

I’m a meticulous person, so I checked the ingredients in the condensed clam chowder both on the label and on the manufacturer’s website and through my experience trying this product. 

I was surprised that almost all the materials are organic and taste fresh in my mouth, not like other processed food that is high in preservation additives. 

So once again, I highly advocate this product for those who are looking for a quick solution in your kitchen and still satisfy your stomach.

If you have kids like me, feel free to feed them with this due to the organic and healthy ingredients. 

It seems that a lot of people confuse about the expiration date. Still, it is actually not really a big problem as you can use the product beyond that time as long as it is properly stored. 

However, the sooner you consume the clam chowder, the better the flavor will be. 

The only thing that I and some other people don’t like about this product is the container (usually a metal can) is easily dented. 

Therefore, you better check it carefully and keep an eye on it to transfer the content to another safe container if needed. It’s always better to be reliable, right?

Personally, I find this condensed clam chowder is not salty as when I check the amount of sodium on the package, it’s not a significant number, though. 

However, I think it obviously depends on your sense, so consider adding water or milk to the chowder for a better taste. 

Last but not least, I know all women are not satisfied with high-calories or fat products, but some of them also don’t want to eat less for a diet or something like that. 

Then a can of clam chowder is an ideal choice because it can help you to get rid of the hunger while not making you gain weight. 

By now, there is no reason to hesitate to give this “Condensed clam chowder” a shot, isn’t there? 

Remember that buying online on Amazon is also cheaper than bring it from the supermarket. Still, it’s commonly sold in bulk of 12 packs so better store them well for the best quality.

What is canned clam chowder made of?

As you know, there are several types of clam chowder. Still, basically, canned clam chowder contains clams, broth, chopped vegetables, and seasonings. The thick consistency is made from cream, potatoes, or tomato puree, depending on each kind. 

What kind of clams are in canned clam chowder?

Almost manufacturers claim that they use wild-caught clams in their canned clam chowder. The clams are all fresh and natural and can be harvested in California’s or the United States’ oceans. 

There can be any kind of clams like the round hard-shell clams or razor clams, etc.,… Clams might be used with or without their shells, but the processed canned clam chowder doesn’t usually contain any shell. 

They can also be chopped, minced, or kept intact in the clam chowder.

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