How to thicken stew

How to thicken stew?

Stews have been around since cooking came to be– which as you can imagine is a very long time.  Similar to soups, it became more prevalent in the diet of early man with the invention of pots and discovery of fire.  Since then, early humans were cooking meats and vegetables in water. The difference between …

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How to Spice Up Eggs

How to Spice Up Eggs?

Real breakfasts have eggs. Any kind of eggs, go for it, take your shot with fried, scrambled, boiled or poached. You’ll probably end up with the same boring eggs you have cooked all your life. You know which, the runny whites, not quite fried, the burned wannabe omelets, the eggs that look like soup inside …

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Is Stir Fry Healthy

Is Stir Fry Healthy?

Is stir fry healthy? It probably depends on whether you are doing it correctly. For the most part, stir frying doesn’t need the things that may make other cooking methods either unhealthy or plain and boring. Unhealthy cooking often resorts to oils or greases that help the food cook evenly and keep the heat inside …

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