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Canned Haggis: A Shopper’s Guide

Ever heard of canned haggis? Like the name suggests it’s essentially haggis in a can. Canned haggis is perfect for those days where you need some quick and easy to make.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with haggis — the national dish of Scotland — it is a type of pudding made of sheep’s liver, heart and lungs, along with minced beef, oatmeal and season with cayenne pepper, onions and other spices. The ingredients are then packed inside sheep’s stomach and then boiled.

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The Origins of Haggis

While there hasn’t been any concrete evidence about where haggis truly originated from many have referred to old folklores about the origins of haggis in Scotland.

Some folklore suggests that the origins of haggis date back from the days of old Scottish cattle drovers —farmers who travelled with their livestock (on foot or horseback) for long distances at a time. For food in these long travels, they would pack with them readily available ingredient and package in sheep’s stomach for easy transportation.

Another origin story of haggis is based on Scottish slaughtering practices. Whenever the upper class have animals slaughtered for meat the butchers were promised to keep the offal – entrails of a butchered animal — as their share.

Although haggis does not have a proper origin story, folklore suggests that haggis is a huge part of Scottish culture. It was the staple food for many working-class men back in the day and has now become a much-beloved Scottish delicacy for all classes.

What Does Haggis Taste Like?

When you first take a look at haggis for the very first time, you can quite tell what it’s made of. For people who aren’t familiar with haggis, it doesn’t look particularly appetising and one might be very hesitant about trying it.

To ease any hesitations about trying out this Scottish delicacy here’s are all you need to know about the taste of haggis.

Haggis has a crumbly sausage and oaty texture infused by savoury and peppery flavour. Mashed turnip (neeps) and mashed potatoes (tatties) are usually served with haggis a full meal.

Aside from the neeps and tatties meal combination, haggis is a very versatile ingredient which can be incorporated in a number of ways. It can be used a poultry stuffing or even be fried up for breakfast like crumbled black pudding

Now that you’ve got an idea on what to expect from haggis, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

How Is Haggis Cooked?

While the traditional method of cooking haggis is letting it simmer in a pot for hours and although the traditional method has been tried and tested for yours, there’s a risk that the haggis casing will burst if left for too long.

To avoid this, there are now new ways to easily and efficiently prepare haggis.

  1. You can bake it in a casserole dish with some water.
  2. Use a microwave to cook up the haggis is in the microwave

Here’s a step-by-step manual on how to cook and serve haggis with both an oven or microwave.

Bake Haggis in an Oven

  1. Fill in a pot with 500g of water and the haggis, and bring to a gentle simmer.
  2. In a lidded casserole dish add in water and haggis and let it bake at 190 degrees celsius for one hour.

Heat Haggis in a Microwave

  1. Pop the haggis in a microwave and let it cook on medium for 9 mins.
  2. Once the haggis is piping hot, cut across the casing and spoon out the filling.

Let’s face it, casing up minced offals and coming up with the perfect seasoning is hard. Especially, when you’re trying it for the first time. If you’re interested in trying or craving haggis, canned haggis may be a great option for you. It’s a quicker and easier alternative!

Here’s a list of canned haggis you should try

Best Canned Haggis

Caledonian Kitchen Haggis with Lamb

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Caledonian Kitchen is the leading manufacturer of premium traditional Scottish food since 1996. Their canned haggis with lamb a great and cost-effective alternative to your fresh frozen haggis.

This branded canned haggis is premium quality and can be used to make haggis, just simply follow the instructions at the back of the can and you’ll have your supper ready!

Stahly’s Traditional Scottish Haggis

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If you want to stick with the traditional flavours of haggis, Stahyl’s canned haggis might be the best option for you. The Stahly family has been in the business since 1927, selling premium quality canned haggis worldwide.

It can be simmered, microwaved or baked, you have the option on how you want to prepare it. This award-winning haggis packed with delicious flavour is the perfect haggis to combine with neeps and tatties for the perfect supper.

Caledonian Kitchen’s Highland Beef Haggis

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Enjoyed by Americans since 1996, Caledonian Kitchen’s authentic highland beef haggis is an award-winning recipe, made with the finest ingredients in the market.

This canned highland beef haggis is packed with highland beef, oats, water, refined beef suet, spices, onions and liver.

Caledonian Kitchen Haggis with Sirloin Beef

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Want to try haggis with premium beef? Caledonian Kitchen’s haggis with sirloin beef is an award-winning canned haggis that’s rich in flavour.

Serve up a perfect plate of haggis with tatties and neeps with this amazing canned haggis made only by the top seller of traditional Scottish foods, Caledonian Kitchen.

Grant’s Premium Haggis

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Grant’s Premium canned haggis is a traditional skinless haggis made packed with the finest ingredients. Get the traditional Scottish flavour with this Drambuie liqueur infused premium canned haggis and create the perfect dishes.

Try Canned Haggis!

Now that you’ve gotten a quick crash course on everything about haggis, it’s time to try something new and take on a cultural food trip to traditional Scottish cuisine without having to book a flight!

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