3 Best Canned Biscuits For Quick Cooking At Home

If you are looking for the best canned biscuits for you or your family, we’re here to help you. After spending numbers of hours in our kitchen, we’ve found out which is the best canned biscuits brand. You can even save more money because most of them are sold on Amazon.

Let’s go, shall we?

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1. Immaculate Baking Organic Biscuits

If you are a biscuits lover and prefer baking them at home rather than buying from the bakery store, you can make it from scratch or just need a can of biscuit dough on hand. 

I personally recommend the latter option as having processed biscuit dough is so convenient, especially when you have a party for a big group of people. And among varieties of canned biscuits, I choose to stick with the one from Immaculate.


  • Easy to make significant, flaky and flavorful biscuits 
  • Organic ingredients
  • No harmful additives and preservatives


  • Easily dented can
  • Slightly high in price

“Is it bad to eat prepared food?” is one of the most concerns that always come up in my mind. It doesn’t only come with food but pastries too. 

After many tries, I finally have my own answer that it will actually depend on myself: how wise I am when selecting the brand, how I store the canned food, and how frequent I eat them. 

Since then, I have always been careful in choosing the product by checking its ingredients. When I was a little girl, my mom ever baked at home every weekend. 

I watched her making a big batch of cakes from the beginning to the end. Of course, the hardest part was processing the dough. 

Nowadays, they start selling canned biscuit dough that makes life easier, and I really advocate this, or I can say, I’m a fan of canned biscuits. It will only take several minutes in the oven to produce warm and tasty biscuits, and your kitchen won’t splatter as well. 

I randomly chose the Immaculate brand at a time I went shopping near my house, and I felt lucky with my choice. The best thing is these canned biscuits are made from organic ingredients that will give you the freshest flavor when eating.

It doesn’t contain bleached flour or preservatives, as Pillsbury products do. I think that’s the reason why the biscuits baked from this brand don’t have a weird aftertaste. 

However, for those who are dairy allergies, you should be aware of when using this product. It already has a caution on the label that the product contains wheat and milk ingredients. 

After baking the dough, you will see a perfect result in the texture of the biscuits. It has several layers and is very light. 

Plus, the flavor is spot on too, so I think you can eat the whole can at one time.

Like other regular cans, these are quite easy to be dented. Still, I don’t consider it a big deal because the dough inside is rarely affected. This might be more of a problem if the content includes liquid. 

In conclusion, I believe that it’s worth to give this product a chance to appear in your kitchen. You might be surprised by the versatile purposes of the canned biscuits and how healthy they are. 

What will be more perfect than having delicious cakes piping hot at home but still can spend time doing other things, right?

2. Annie’s Organic Flaky Biscuits 

3 Best Canned Biscuits You Can Buy Now On Amazon

Have you tried Annie’s products? I think the canned biscuits from this brand should be a must-have item in your kitchen from now. 

The reason I said that because if you’ve ever given this product a try, the distinctive flavor and texture of the biscuits baked from the dough in a small can will stay forever in your mouth. With the organic ingredients, you and your family will be safe, even consuming the product every day.


  • Easy to make big, flaky and flavorful biscuits 
  • Organic ingredients
  • No milk and egg contained


  • Too sweet for some people 

I love biscuits, both the hard crackers and the soft ones, but I prefer the second option. However, the sadness is I’m a little allergic to dairy products. Therefore, finding a kind of biscuit that doesn’t contain milk is really a hassle for me. 

Well, I can actually make it easier if I bake at home and don’t use milk in the ingredient list. However, I’m kind of lazy to do that as I’m not really good at cooking or baking. 

You cannot imagine how happy I was when I found the canned biscuits from Annie’s not only because of the wonderful flavor, but also no milk or egg added that don’t give me any allergic signs. I think I’m gonna stick with this product from Annie’s brand forever so that I can comfortably enjoy biscuits.

Another fantastic thing is this manufacturer uses organic ingredients to make the biscuit dough. There is no bleached flour, no artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or preservatives that most other brands use. 

Although there is a caution that this product is made on shared equipment that also processes milk ingredients, I haven’t been allergic after consuming several cans, so I guess it’s not a big deal at all. 

Not only me, but my whole family loves biscuits from this brand. They give us the feeling that the biscuits are really filling while the texture is very light. Also, when eating cakes baked from this dough, I don’t have the waxy feeling in my mouth. 

You can stuff anything in between the biscuit per your preference, or top with jams and any sort of sauce. I personally like rolling the dough out, add some pieces of bacon and shredded cheese, roll in and bake. After just a few minutes, a yummy breakfast is ready served on the table. 

It’s so easy to have a batch of cakes hot right out from the oven to treat your friends on some occasions. One of my friends once said that these biscuits are too sweet for her, but I have nothing to complain about, so I guess it’s about personal liking. 

Overall, I highly recommend these canned biscuits because of their quality and the health term. I wish I had bought a lot more to stock up in my pantry, but I will surely come back to Amazon to order several cans of Annie’s biscuit dough.

3. Pillsbury Grands!, Flaky Layers 

3 Best Canned Biscuits You Can Buy Now On Amazon

I guess no one can resist a batch of piping hot biscuits straight out from the oven. If you are craving for fluffy biscuits but don’t have time to make it from scratch, a prepared can of biscuit dough is the way to go. 

Among plenty of kinds of canned biscuits, I highly recommend the one from Pillsbury. Just need a can of Pillsbury biscuit dough on hand, you can tackle your hunger and desire for tasty biscuits in minutes.


  • Easy to make big, flaky and flavorful biscuits 
  • No color from artificial sources
  • No high fructose corn syrup


  • Easily dented can

I have to admit that I have a sweet tooth, so I almost enjoy all kinds of cakes. I rarely bake at home and usually stick with cakes from the bakery store or the local supermarket and grocery. 

However, the problem I often encounter is on the way home, the cakes are cooling down, and I need to figure out a way to reheat them without flawless. Otherwise, they will turn soggy or less delicious. This doesn’t make me feel comfortable and convenient, even with baked cakes from the store.

One day, I decided to bake in my own kitchen so I can consume the warm cakes right from the oven. They tasted good, but the preparation process turned out to be a mess. So I eventually looked for the processed dough to make biscuits at home with ease. 

That would be one of the wisest decisions in my whole life. Everything has become smoother since the day I had a can of biscuit dough in my pantry. And Pillsbury is the brand that I much prefer after trying several kinds.

On the label, the manufacturer lists the detailed ingredients so customers like me can check for more information. Although it contains preservatives, the amount is in the allowable level that won’t affect your health at all.

There are 8 biscuits per can that I can use in many recipes. I usually toss them in my oven and bake for a few minutes, whereas making an excellent dip to serve with the biscuits. However, you can also roll out the dough and stuff with any kind of filling you like, such as cheese, bacon, or tomato sauce.

The buttermilk flavor spreading out the kitchen is the part I like most while baking. You will have a hearty breakfast in minutes with warm and fluffy biscuits out from the oven. Every single bite will remind you of restaurant-quality cakes or the homemade ones that your grandmom used to make for you. 

There are also the instruction on the label for a standard way baking the biscuit dough and the safety warning when using these canned biscuits. Besides, this product can be used for years if properly stored, so you can feel free to stock up when the sale season comes.

Once again, I just want to express how happy I am when I have this Pillsbury canned biscuits on hand. I highly recommend this product for anyone who likes baking but doesn’t like to make it from scratch.

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