3 Best Canned Beef Stew For Quick Cooking At Home

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Mountain House Canned Beef Stew

Emergencies can come in many forms. Sometimes, we cannot control it and so be confused when it comes. With this intention, Mountain House provides “just in case” products such as Mountain House Beef Stew. This is perfect for emergency preparedness, or survival food as you just need to add water to serve it. Upgrade your survival kit or emergency food with this delicious, long-lasting Mountain House Beef Stew.


  • Quick preparation, no cleanup
  • Long-lasting contents
  • Tasty, salty, consistent after cooked
  • Reasonable price


  • Misleading description of package
  • Too salty for some people

First, I have to admit that I have low expectations for freeze-dried foods. But while shopping for camping supplies at local Walmart, I decided to try a pro-pack package of Mountain House Beef Stew incase. 

I was very pleasantly surprised when we decided to try this beef stew. In my experience, this product is pretty tasty. 

Most freeze-dried foods have no flavor despite being loaded with salt. But it’s not with this case, it’s perfectly spiced, and salty with chunky meat and vegetables such as carrots, peas, and potatoes. 

All of them are tasty. I could be satisfied with a kind of emergency food like this. 

Let’s see, we buy emergency food because of its easy preparation. I buy it instead of making it myself. And this Mountain House Beef Stew meets our criterion. 

Just open the pack, remove the oxygen absorber, add two cups of boiling water directly into the package to save you time from cleanup. 

Give it a quick stir, seal the bag for 10 minutes, and you will have delicious dinner waiting to be savored. So far, so good! 

As a matter of fact that most freeze-dried emergency food have too few calories to meet an adult’s energy requirements. 

There are no different, I think we really need to eat two servings per meal to get enough calories to survive. So, plan your purchase accordingly. 

By the way, the products of Mountain House are all lightweight even they are in steel cans. You can surely prepare a lot of beef stew for long-day trips. 

Put simply, this is exactly the kind of meal I want to have on standby for when I come back from a long day of hiking, or camping and don’t want to deal with prep, cooking, or cleanup. Just add boiling water, stare at the stars for a few minutes, and dinner for two is ready.

Armour Classic Homestyle Canned Beef Stew

Winter comes, then we crave for comfort food that make us feel warm from the inside out such as hearty beef stews. 

Who doesn’t like a nutritious dish like beef stews? It contains high protein in beef and fiber in potatoes and carrots. With only a small canned beef stews, you can have a meal with many essential nutritients.

Let’s start your day with the great taste of Armour Classic Homestyle Beef Stew for a quick breakfast, enjoy a Treet sandwich at lunch, or a heart bowl of beef stews for dinner. 

Armour Beef Stews – easy-to-make solutions for all of your meal.


  • Hearty rich gravy 
  • Small pieces of meat 
  • Gluten free
  • Less salty


  • Not much meat contained
  • Easily dented cans
  • High price

I read many reviews of Armour beef stews and I noticed that many compared between Armour Beef Stew and Dinty Moore Beef Stew. 

Many comments related to the very small pieces of meat in Armour product but it actually seems to be real meat. And I think it doesn’t matter with the small pieces of meat because it is easier to eat, isn’t it?

Another comment about Armour beef stew has more gravy than beef, like a soup with some meat. But personally, I like the “soup” style of this product.

To be honest, I have a gentle diet, but I can’t help myself from beef stews, my favorite dish, so I think the best option for me is Armour beef stews. Less beef, and still enough vegetables.

I won’t feel too guilty with myself when eating this as it is less protein than other beef stews. 

Anyway, Armour beef stews tastes good, and tender; the gravy is hearty, rich, and liquid. I can eat beef with potatoes, and carrots at once without getting a mouthful. I really enjoy it. 

I like to serve this beef stews with slices of bread. One bite bread with one bite of beef stew and potatoes, how wonderful for me. Additionally, soak the slice of bread into the soup is also an interesting way to taste.

I have eaten Armour products for many years and totally trusted with its quality. Armour beef stews is such a quick, convenient and great tasting product to satisfy my craving.

Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauces Canned Beef Stew

Planning, preparing, cooking, and getting everyone to the table isn’t always easy, but it can be when you have Campbell’s Sauces. Make dinnertime simple.

Combine Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauces Beef Stew with beef, potatoes, and carrots, you can surprise everyone by your cooking skills.

Campbell’s Sauces is here to help you create a delicious hearty meal for your family.


  • Rich sauce flavor
  • No artificial flavors
  • Easy preparation


  • High sodium content

One day, my mother wasn’t home for a few days. I took responsibility to prepare meals for family. So confused as I didn’t used to cook.

Then I found the Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce Beef Stew on my cupboard. What a shame, I really didn’t know they produced such a convenient product like this. I am not good at cooking, so I also don’t care much about these stuffs. 

I read the instruction, and wow, is this truly simple like they said. I tried anyway with exact what is in the instruction. 

Because the slow cooker needs much time, after 4 hours, I had a beef stew, and my dad said it was great tasting. We ate this dish for 2 days until my mom back. 

Surprisingly, someone who never cooks like me can make a good beef stew. This Campbell’s Sauce is really a good helper. 

For a delicious beef stew with the help of campbell’s sauce, I just need to prepare some carrots, potatoes, and beef. Cut all of these ingredients into small piece. The amount depends on the number of people.

First, lay carrots and potatoes in your slow cooker. Top with beef. Next, pour Campbell’s Sauce over beef. Finally, just leave the slow cooker do its job in 7-8 hours with low temperature or 4-5 hours with high temperature until the beef is fork-tender. 

Don’t forget to stir occasionally to thicken the sauce and let it cover all the ingredients in the cooker. 

Well, just some easy step, I totally can make a dish just like my mother used to make. Moreover, you can be creative and sway out with your favorite proteins. That’s all good.

Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce Beef Stew is a convenient solution for beef stews lover. If you don’t have good skills to cook beef stew like your mother, or you don’t want canned beef stews, here’s the best option.

Simple preparation and homemade tasting is things Campbell’s Sauce can bring to you. Good product for every family.

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