Are Canned Black Beans Healthy?

Are canned black beans good for you?

General speaking, canned black beans are good, but they will be even better if you choose the right one. Simply, black beans are rich in proteins and fibers but low in fat and cholesterol that is really good for our health. 

However, the canning process usually makes them higher in sodium. So select canned black beans from the manufacturer that adds less or no sugar and salt in their product, that will be an ideal choice. 

How many calories in canned black beans?

This actually can vary because of the different amount of beans in a can and different brands. For the exact answer, I think you can look for this information on the label that stuck on each can of black beans. 

However, I will take an example with Bush’s best black beans. An average 15-oz-can could be used for nearly 3.5 serving sizes (½ cup per size), and each serving will have 105 calories.

Can you eat black beans out of the can?

This question is quite confusing, so I will give you the most specific answer. Can you eat black beans right out of the can? Yes, but not really. 

The reason is the beans are prepared so you can be safe to consume these beans straight out from the can.

But they are not cooked well, so it’s not a good choice to eat them instantly after opening the can, a few simple tasks cooking them will be essential to make them better.

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