The Nutritional Values of Emergen C

The Nutritional Values of Emergen C

A strong immune system is your most valuable investment. Your body defenses from sicknesses speak in how well you take care of yourself. There’s a lot of nutritional supplement, diet programs, weight loss pills… And so many stuff on how you can be healthy that emerged in the market these days. They offer countless benefits and the promise of regaining your sound health and youthful vibe once you decide to purchase or try their products. There’s absolutely nothing wrong when trying to find such health-enhancing products; but, we have to be well aware of their significant pitfalls and side effects alongside the promised results. But have you heard about Emergen C? Or the nutritional values of Emergen C?

It’s a well-known ascorbic acid supplement that loads your body with at least 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C on a single dose taken. Taken from the records, it was Linus Pauling who conducted an extensive experiment about the potency of vitamin C. Later on, he created Emergen C. Here are the most astonishing health benefits of Emergen C for your body:

Emergen C has powerful antioxidant properties.

The vitamin C in Emergen C has limitless benefits for the body. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C, as commonly known, has an optimum potency as an antioxidant and anti-infective. Emergen C’s 1000 mg doses is an instant vitamin C load that has several benefits for the body. They say it may go overboard, but studies conducted before revealing that nothing negative or any brisk side effects have had occurred with people drinking Emergen C while they were under the weather.

Emergen C can help prevent cellular metabolism caused by free radicals. It instantly helps the body to recuperate fast from any diseases. The immunity-boosting benefits of Emergen C have been recognized as effective; they are taken as a backup with certain medicines that treat common colds, coughs, and other medical treatments or surgeries that require faster recovery.

It gives you that skin clarity you have always wanted.

Who loves that supple, clear, blemish-free, and smooth skin? I bet most women would swoon over a healthy complexion and healthy intact skin. After all, our skin is the largest body organ. It is the protective layer that shields the body from different sorts of pollutants, microbes, bacteria, and harmful elements that can enter and invade our system. But there’s so much to consider than putting all that facial cream, balms, and other skincare products to maintain healthy glowing skin. The dermatological benefits of taking Emergen C help to achieve firm, young, and healthy skin. Vitamin C helps to regenerate collagen in the body; collagen helps the skin to keep moisture, achieve more elasticity, and get that youthful glow you have always wanted. 

It’s a potent sleep aid.

I suffer from insomnia and it was dreadful. 2 AM was the earliest possible time that I lull myself to a night of deep sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to multiple health issues that can, later on, affect the body. Lack of focus, low energy levels, migraines, palpitations… As well as severe health conditions like Anemia, Hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart diseases. All of these may arise if insomnia has been occurring for a long time. Recent studies stated that those who have adequate vitamin C supply through Emergen C consumption, together with a balanced meal, experience a lot better sleep every day. This is because ascorbic acid helps to prevent sleep-associated problems like restless leg syndrome, obstructive sleep apnea, and body pains that may disrupt sleep.

Limits the episodes of asthma.

Respiratory problems are most likely to happen for those with vitamin C deficiency in the body. Asthma, one world’s deadliest respiratory disease doesn’t discriminate. It affects young and old and is triggered by many airborne factors, allergic reactions, and other pre-existing medical conditions. Adequate Vitamin C levels in the body may help to prevent asthma attacks and increase the body’s immunity from certain allergens and viruses.

Prevents heart-related diseases.

Emergen C is loaded with so much Vitamin C goodness that can benefit the cardiovascular system. Sufficient doses of Vitamin C have been proven to help promote tissue repair and collagen production that can lead to muscle elasticity, intact cells, and healthy blood vessels. These amazing effects of Vitamin C on our bodies build stronger cardiovascular health since the heart is the largest muscle after all. Stronger and healthier blood vessels and arteries can support the effective transport of oxygenated blood pumped by the heart to various body organs. Emergen C can also help to lower down high cholesterol levels since vitamin C helps in the fat synthesis process and boost the natural fibers we consume to flush out excess toxins, oils, and bad fats out of the body.

Reduce the course of common colds and infections

As advertised, Emergen C is a perfect emergency shot of vitamin C during cough and colds episodes and the presence of certain medical conditions like infections and required post-surgical recuperation. Believe me, cough and colds when both knocks you off, can be the most terrible stuff to have through the day. A clogged nose, itchy throat, watery eyes, mild to severe headaches, and slightly elevated temperature together with body aches like chest pain can truly break your day at work, school, or even your precious time doing what you love and spending great moments with you family.

Not to mention the fact that you can even spread the virus elsewhere around the house or in the office; thereby infecting other family members and colleagues. A big no! That’s why some experts and medical practitioners suggest increasing your consumption of high vitamin C foods; these strengthen your body’s defense against sicknesses like common colds and cough episodes.

Not only that, it helps to shorten the length of being sick and prevents further infections. Fruits and vegetables with Vitamin C contents and the nutritional values of Emergen C, when taken daily, can significantly improve one’s health and manifest great signs of having adequate vitamin C. This includes things like like strong bones and teeth, clear skin, great eyesight, healthy joints and muscles… As well as fewer chances of acquiring viral diseases.


As you can see, the nutritional values of Emergen C are plentiful. I shall agree that health is wealth; sicknesses should be pushed aside to live a productive, fulfilling, and adventurous life every single day. That’s why keeping ourselves in a tip-top shape is our main responsibility to adhere to each day. A healthy balanced diet, regular exercises, and loading your body with the health benefits of Emergen C can work wonders for your health!

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