The Five Best Magnetic Knife Holders

Once you start cooking, you should have all equipment you need within your hand’s reach, especially your knives. This is when you need the best magnetic knife holder, which gives you easy access to all your knives. A magnetic Knife Holder is also an ideal way to store your knives when you don’t have enough room to keep a knife block in your kitchen or if you don’t like to store the knives in drawers or cupboards. 

When stored among other utensils in a drawer, knives can get cluttered, and the blades can get damaged and blunted. Also, the drawers can get damaged by pointy knives. Therefore, to protect your knives and drawers and ensure easy access, you need to buy the best magnetic knife holder. 

Magnetic knife holders are designed to bear the weight of average knives. Apart from knives, you can also hang other metallic utensils such as shears, bottle openers, and whisks in this. 

Knife holders come in different sizes and different lengths, and you need to know the exact number of tools you need to hold in this before buying one. There are magnetic knife holders made out of stainless steel and with a wooden finish.

There are different types of magnetic knife holders available in the market. Finding the best magnetic knife holder might not be an easy task. Therefore, to avoid complications, we compiled this guide reviewing the five best magnetic knife holders. 

The Top Five Magnetic Knife Holders

1.) Ouddy 16 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder – The Best Magnetic Knife Holder with an Extended Length (B00LVP87VM)

Made using high-quality stainless steel, Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder is known for its strong magnetic power and sleek design that will go with any modern kitchen décor. This will save you the much-needed space in your kitchen. If you have little children, you need to keep sharp objects away from them, and this is the best solution to store your knives out of your children’s reach.

The strong magnetism will never allow the knives hung into it to slip away. Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder magnetic charge lasts long and doesn’t rust easily. It is also easy to clean. 

Ouddy’s is lengthy enough to hold more knives and other kitchen tools made out of steel. This all-in-one knife holder can also be used as a knife strip, kitchen utensil holder, knife rack, and home organizer.

This amazing knife holder comes with a mounting rack and can easily be installed in your kitchen, workshop, or garage according to the given instructions. 

Pros Cons
Strong magnetic power
Sleek Design
Easy storage
Easy to clean
Made out of stainless steel
Extended Length, thus, can organize more knives
If unsatisfied with the product, can return it and ask for a full refund or a replacement
Some people have complained that the magnet was not strong enough to hold the knives.

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If you are looking for a magnetic knife holder lengthy enough to hold many knives and other tools, then your go-to option is Ouddy 16 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder!

2.) WooDsom Magnetic Knife Strip – The Best Magnetic Knife Holder with a Wooden Finish (B01E1SV07S)

Made in the USA, WooDsom Magnetic Knife Strip is known for its natural wood finish. The knife holder with a scratch-free natural wood surface is not only a practical tool but also an embellishment to your kitchen. Customers can choose from different wood types; Maple, Oak, Walnut, Birds Eye Maple, Butcher Block, Cherry, Hickory, Wenge, Aldor, and Purple Heart. 

The fully magnetic surface provides a large area to hang your knives. It is hardly possible to find an area without a strong magnetic potential on the surface. It is made out of strong niobium magnets.

The ability to install easily is an added advantage to this knife holder. This can either be mounted solidly on a wall or fit into a drawer according to the given instructions.

It has mounting halls to hold it to a wall or cabinet. The magnetic knife strip comes with a mounting kit to help it installed onto a wall or a cabinet. Once installed, it won’t move, and you don’t want to worry about knives losing their grip. 

Because of the elegant appearance, you could also gift the wooDsom Magnetic Knife Strip to your loved ones.

Pros Cons
A strong knife holder
Large surface area
Attractive appearance
Fully magnetic surface
Made out of natural wood
Easy to install
Finished with food-safe oil
Secure mounting
Some users have complained that knives
should be placed in an angular position
rather than keeping them parallel to the wall.

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If you are looking for a magnetic knife strip with strong holding power and an attractive appearance, buy the wooDsom Magnetic Knife Strip!

3.) Premium 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder – The Best Magnetic Knife Holder with Extended Length and Extra Strength Magnets (B06XD751TX)

The upgraded 17-inch long Premium Magnetic Holder is known for its heavy-duty magnets, which will never fail to retain its powerful magnetism. The even magnetic force across the whole bar will ensure the safe and smooth placement of your knives without the fear of slipping. 

As the magnetic power is spread across the bar, you can use the whole bar to hang knives. The other important feature is that you can attach any knife of any size into this bar, including chef’s knives, extra-large butcher’s knives, small bread knives, and cleavers. 

The sleek and elegant appearance of the knife holder nicely blends with any traditional or modern kitchen setting.  It is flat, therefore saves your kitchen space. When hung onto the wall, the mounting screws are not visible. 

The type 304 stainless steel with which the Premium Magnetic Holder is made is anti-corrosive, which is a significant quality absent in many other brands of knife holders.

The knife holder can also be installed and cleaned easily. 

Pros Cons
Extended length (17 Inches)
Extra strength magnets
Ideal for any type of knives
Sleek and elegant design
Easy installation
Easy to clean
Higher corrosion resistance
Lifetime durability
Saves you kitchen counter space
Can hold other tools too
A great gift idea
Cannot be attached to the refrigerator
More expensive than other magnetic knife holders

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If you are looking for a long magnetic knife holder with super-strong magnetic power, buy a Premium 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder!

4.) Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder – The Best Magnetic Knife Holder with an Elegant Wooden Finish and Excellent Magnetic Quality (B01JLCHFTQ)

Made in the USA, Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder by Kurouto Kitchenware is made using pure Walnut hardwood and furnished with natural food-grade butcher block oil. Unlike magnetic knife holders made using stainless steel, Walnut’s is designed to store your knives safely without getting dull, chipped, or rusted. 

The sleek and modern design will save you your precious counter space and workbench space while enhancing the appearance of your kitchen. You can have all the knives needed in preparing food within your hand’s reach. This will save time and effort spent on cooking. 

The strong rare earth magnets in the knife holder enable the secured placement of knives, and other tools, keeping them away from your children’s reach. These powerful magnets are embedded in the wooden strip making it possible even to hang other types of stainless steel utensils used in the laundry room, office, garage, or any other place in your house. 

What makes this knife holder exceptional is that it is designed to last for a lifetime. You won’t have rust issues at all. It also comes with mounting hardware that enables easy installation on numerous surfaces.

Pros Cons
Elegant wooden appearance
Finished with natural food-grade butcher block oil
Designed to last a lifetime
Super strong magnets enable to store even the tools large in size.
Easy installation
Comes with the necessary mounting hardware
Money-back or replacement guarantee 
Versatile: Can be used in other places such as garage, laundry room etc.
Some users have complained that the knife holder is not scratch-resistant

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Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder is the best magnetic knife holder to buy if you are looking for a knife holder with an elegant finish and powerful magnetic power!

5.) Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder with Powerful Magnet – The Best Magnetic Knife Holder with Elegant Design and Powerful Magnetism (B01DTC62RK)

Made out of natural bamboo wood, Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder is not the same as any other knife holders you would encounter in the market. It stands out among other knife holders because of its unique wooden block-like design. 

It is designed in a way that it can be kept steadily on your countertop or any other place, which gives you easy access to the knife holder. It won’t slip away or tip over because of the anti-skid felt pads on the bottom. The knife holder has a 12-inch width and a maximum height of 9 inches. 

The bamboo wood surface is not unique but also easy to clean. Having a Connix Magnetic Knife Holder in your kitchen will make cooking an easy and enjoyable task, and it will save your precious countertop and drawer space. 

There are five slots on this knife holder where you can place the knives. A high-quality magnet is embedded into the knife holder turning it into a safe spot to store your sharp knives. You can easily insert and remove knives whenever you want.

It doesn’t require any installation, and you only need to place it on an even surface. 

Pros Cons
Strong bamboo wood finish
Powerful embedded magnets
Sturdy structure
Anti-skid felt parts on the bottom prevents the knife holder from sliding
Elegant design
Has a maximum height of 9 inches
No installation needed
Lifetime guarantee
Has only 5 slots to place knives
Some users have complained that the base is too light
Some users have found that only the top half has magnetic power.

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If you are in search of a magnetic knife holder that can be placed on your countertop, buy the Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder with Powerful Magnet!

Choosing the Best Magnetic Knife Holder to Buy

The money you invest in a magnetic knife holder will never go wasted because that is the best way to store your knives. The old-fashioned way of keeping sharp objects in drawers will damage the pointy tips of them as well as harm the drawers in which they are stored. 

Keeping your knives on the kitchen countertop is also dangerous because then they are easily accessible for little children. Thus, the best and the safest method is to mount a magnetic knife holder on your wall or any other surface and store your knives in it. 

Nevertheless, before buying a magnetic knife, you should consider several important factors.

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Magnetic Knife Holder

  1. Length of the Magnetic Knife Holder

The length or the size of the knife holder depends on the number of knives/utensils you want to store on it. There are long as well as short knife holders in the market. 

The length varies from 10 to 20 inches. Length also becomes a matter of importance when you decide where to mount the magnetic knife holder in your home. Some knife holders that can be placed on a countertop also have a height.

  1. Magnet Performance

The power of the magnet is the most important factor to consider when buying the best magnetic knife holder. When buying a knife holder, you need to make sure that the magnetic power is the same all over the surface and there are no “dead zones”. 

Also, you need to ensure that the magnet is powerful enough to attract your knives of all sizes and weights. The magnetic power also should last for a long time.

  1. Material

Most magnetic knife holders are made out of stainless steel whereas there are knife holders made out of pure wood. Stainless steel knife holders are easy to clean, but might get scratched easily. And some stainless steel knife holders are prone to corrosion. Wooden ones don’t get scratched easily.

  1. Ease of Installation

This depends on where you need to mount your knife holder. Some models need to be screwed into a surface whereas some just need to be glued to a surface. If you want it to be placed on a tiled surface which can’t be drilled, you need to go for a magnetic knife holder that can be attached with glue. 

Many brands come with an installation kit and make sure you read the instruction manual before buying a magnetic knife holder.

  1. Design

Design is also important if you are choosing a magnetic knife holder that goes with your kitchen setting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can magnetic knife holders damage knives?
  • If you select a knife holder with a strong and balanced magnetic power, knives you place on it won’t slip down and get damaged. 

On the other hand, the magnetic power should not be too strong, otherwise, every time you want to remove it, you will face difficulties pulling it from the knife holder.

  1. Can we place other utensils on a magnetic knife holder?
  • Yes, you can, as long as they are made out of materials attracted to magnets and your magnetic knife holder can hold the weight of those utensils.
  1. Are there magnetic knife holders that can be glued onto the surface instead of mounting it with screws?
  • Yes, there are some models that can be glued onto the surfaces.
  1. Are all knives magnetic?
  • Many knives made out of stainless steel are magnetic. But, some knives are not. Therefore before buying a magnetic knife holder to store your knives, take a kitchen magnet first and see whether your knives get attracted to it. After that, you can buy the appropriate knife holder.
  1. Do magnetic knife holders lose their magnetic power with time?
  • In some knife holders, magnetic power is designed to last forever whereas some magnetic knife holders of poor quality might lose their magnetic power with time. 


A magnetic knife holder is a valuable addition to your collection of kitchen utensils. After getting one, you don’t need to worry about knives cluttering inside drawers and getting their blades damaged. It will also improve the appearance of your kitchen and save space especially if you have a small kitchen. 

Among the multiple brands of knife holders available in the market today, the one you select must suit your preferences, budget, number of utensils you need to store on the knife holder, and your kitchen design. This product review and buying guide created after thorough market research will assist you to carefully go through all the available options and choose the best magnetic knife holder that suits you the best for you.

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