The Best Kitchen Sink Strainers to Ward off the Microbes

A kitchen sink strainer serves multiple purposes at a home. Starting from shielding your family from bacterial diseases to keeping the drainage system unclogged and clear—a kitchen strainer gets the entire job done for you. The need for this strainer is best realized when we face clogged-up pipes too frequently. 

Don’t blame the pipes here! Since the solid form of debris restricts the water flow, it leaves you with a clogged pipe after a certain time. So, are you looking for a solution? Well, only the best kitchen sink strainer can be the savior now. 

The kitchen sink, which is the necessary place for food preparation at your own house or your restaurant, can be the breeding ground for bacterial diseases. These solid pieces of food or any form of solid debris that can’t get through the drainage system with ease will attract germs.

 At first, you may let them get through the kitchen sink but it will clog the drainage pipes after a certain time. As a result, the water flow will be prevented and you will have stored up water under the sink which is considered to be unhygienic.

Needless to say, the germs, microbes, and bacteria will be able to breed without any restriction in these unhygienic places. So a strainer helps to filter out the solid form of debris and make an efficient garbage disposal process. 

Over time you will be able to keep your kitchen sink and drainage system in their prime condition. This results in limiting the growth of the germs in the sink area. 

But, this doesn’t give you the independence to fall for any cheap kitchen sink strainer. Most people commit the blunder of analyzing the significance of a strainer by its size. But the best kitchen sink strainer can’t be judged by looking at its size. 

It may seem confusing at first so we have penned down the 5 best strainers for you that are currently available in the market. So, you can jump right off buying a strainer that too not hastily but with proper understanding. 

Fengbao 2PCS Sink Strainer – Highly Rated 

Finally, it’s time to delete the plumber’s number from your phone and further from your mind. If you have been suffering from unsatisfied kitchen sink strainers, then it’s time to opt for a quality product. 

Fengbao’s micro-perforations help to filter out even the smallest bit of food. So, you will enjoy a perfect drainage system without even calling the plumber every alternate month.

It has 2mm diameter holes that are extremely efficient for filtering the small debris out without causing any blockage in the drainage system. So, it has perfectly efficient anti-clogging protection.

Apart from that, the strainer has a metallic rim which keeps the strainer protected while evading the risk of displacement.

Fengbao is constructed with stainless steel which means it will reliably be resistant to rust. The thoughtful design makes the product fit perfectly into most of the sink outlets.

Speaking of its maintenance, you won’t have to bear any hassle. Just wash it every time with warm and soapy water to get the shine for a long time. And it’s also dishwasher safe. So, if you want to pop it in your dishwasher, there is no reason to prevent you. 

Pros Cons
It comes in two pieces. 
Micro-perforation with only 2mm diameter holes. 
Double-sheeted metal rim
Easily washable.
Frequent Cleaning of the holesSharp Edges

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OXO Good Grips Kitchen Sink Strainer – The Best Choice

Unlike other products of OXO, this kitchen strainer is the most preferred one among its users. The design of this product has been made by considering the utmost user-friendly experience in mind. So, it has both the protection of silicon baskets along a stainless steel cover. 

Wondering how the product has this combined protection? Well, the basket, where the debris will be stored, is of silicon materials whereas the rim is made of stainless steel.

The silicon basket helps you to keep the sink scratch-free and undamaged. Simultaneously the rim of stainless steel will keep the strainer durable and rust-free for a long time. The silicon basket is also PVC and BPA free so you can be assured of your health safety. 

So, the product can be considered as the winner among all. And its reviews on Amazon indicate that too. Speaking of the cleaning part, you won’t have to clear the dirty debris with your bare hand. The basket when it becomes full, you can pull the post once and the basket will be flipped inside-out within a second. 

So, you will be able to clean the basket by just tugging on the tab at the center. Along with that, it’s dishwasher safe. So, you can pop it in a dishwasher if you want. The strainer has also a stopper feature which lets you hold up the water if you want in times of washing the dishes.

Pros Cons
It keeps your sink undamaged and scratch-free.
Dishwasher safe
Rust-resistant rim
Regular maintenance.

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SOSUO Stainless steel Strainer – The Ultimate Clogging Protection

SOSUO is one of the best kitchen strainers that keep the drainage system smooth. The mesh strainer is easy for anyone to install into the sink. The mesh is of stainless steel which provides you the ultimate protection against rust. 

The best part about the product is that the basket has a depth of 1.6inches. This means you don’t have to clean the debris every alternative minute. The basket has enough space to collect the garbage. 

The perfect fitting and sleek design of the strainer keeps your pipes unclogged while maintaining the proper flow of water. 

You must be well aware of the stressful scenario of calling in a plumber every alternate month to fix the drainage pipe, right? So, from now on you don’t need a plumber to fix your kitchen sink. The strainer can take well care of the situation. 

The holes are of perfect diameters to allow the water to pass through freely while filtering out the tiny solid food particles. The rim has been designed in a way that fits onto any sink base securely. So, you don’t have to worry about its displacement too.  

Pros Cons
Filter out the smallest particle of food. 
Rim design provides security.
Basket depth of 1.6 inches
Super protection against clogging
Rust free
Harder to clean due to small holes.Sharp edge

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SoLID TM Pack of Two Kitchen Strainer – Budget-friendly Option

Are you tired of having clogged sinks repeatedly? Even after installing the sink strainer, you still have to bear with the hazard of clogging? Well, now the problem will be solved with the ultimate SOLID kitchen sink strainer with 2mm diameter holes that let only the fine particles pass through.

This is one of the affordable options too. So, if you want to save your drainage from clogging too often without investing too much of your hard-earned money, then this can be the perfect solution. 

A lot of people have this notion that due to the lowest price range, the strainer might not provide you optimum services. But this is nothing but a notion. 

The strainer efficiently protects the drainage pipes from clogged sinks or any damages. Speaking of its material quality, you will get stainless steel protection. The strainer is made of stainless steel whereas the perforated bowl has a metal rim. 

The cleansing part is also hassle-free. You can just wash it with warm soapy water once it starts looking dirty. It will bring its impeccable shine back right after that. Apart from hand washing it, you can pop it in a dishwasher to save your time and effort. The product is dishwasher-safe. 

Pros Cons
Great performance
Easy maintenance
Thin metal rim

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KOHLER Basket Strainer – The Durable Kitchen Strainer

The KOHLER brand has been garnering people’s attention since 1873. For almost two centuries the company has been manufacturing plumbing products. Of course, there can’t be any denial of their quality after having a two-century-old experience. So, the name indicates a quality product without a doubt. 

The kitchen strainer is not an exception. You can rely on them with the product while keeping your eyes closed.

The strainer comes along with a stopper. So, you can control when the water will pass through and when you want to hold it up. Are you wondering why you would want to hold the water up? Well, most people do it for dishwashing purposes. The knob in the middle of the strainer stops the water to pass through the pipes. So clean hassle-free.

Apart from that, the strainer is available in a variety of colors like chrome, bronze, nickel, etc. You can choose the one that suits your kitchen interior or kitchen sink. So, you will be allowed to add a touch of beauty even with the strainers.

If these all reasons do not seem convincing to you, then let us tell you that KOHLER kitchen strainer has successfully passed the industry-standard durability testing. So, you will get the ultimate longevity upon choosing the product.

Pros Cons
Hassle-free stopper to hold up the water flow whenever you want. 
It has successfully passed the industry-standard durability test.
Variety of colors available. 
Installation might be tricky.

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The Best Kitchen Sink Strainer Buyer’s Guide:

The idea of having a kitchen sink strainer is now clear to you. But does it indicate you have to rush into the market and buy any of the sink strainers? Well absolutely no! The easier it is for you to fall for a cheap quality sink strainer the higher the chances are for them to become chipped and rusty within no time. We’re sure that you don’t want to take your family’s health negligently.

So, investing in buying the best kitchen sink strainer is the wisest idea here. But it can be decisive to understand the strainer’s usability by looking at its size. Apart from that, there isn’t any denial of the fact that you want your strainer to be durable and easy to use. 

When it comes to researching the best sink strainer you will come across a wide variety of strainers made of multiple materials. 

Stainless steel is one of the best options for its rust-free quality, whereas silicone ones will provide you ultimate flexibility. So, it’s quite obvious for you to get baffled by the range of options available. 

Fret not! We’ve listed some of the considerable factors to prevent you from falling for cheap quality products. It will help you make the wisest decision.

The Size of the strainer

There are generally two types of strainers-one with small holes and the other with large holes. The one with the large holes will let the liquid drain flawlessly than the one with small holes. Both can offer the same level of durability but compare them to pick the one that suits you. 

If you are finding a strainer that will prevent the small food items to pass through like seeds or noodles, then it’s best to pick the small ones. However, you should maintain the cleanliness of the sink to prevent the food from getting stuck. Else you can opt for the one with large holes that allow the water to flow seamlessly.


Not all the times you want the water to flow through the pipes. Sometimes you want to hold the water up in the sink. For example, if you are washing the dishes you want to hold up the water. 

So, check the functionality of the stopper of the kitchen strainer. You won’t get to see this quality in a cheap one. However, a quality product has this additional feature that allows you to prevent the water from passing through. Usually, they have a post or knob at their middle and you have to twist it for opening and closing the outlet.


There are mainly two types of materials; stainless steel and plastic. The stainless steel provides you the utmost rust resistance whereas the plastic ones will never be covered up with rust. But the strainer should be able to endure the heavy water force too. So, check the durability of the plastic ones and compare them with the silicon ones while buying. 


So, once you are done listing down the requirements for buying the best kitchen sink strainer, it’s time to take the final call. Check out all the 5 products we have listed and compare them while considering the points we’ve mentioned in the buyer’s guide. We assure you will land on the best products that fulfill all your requirements. 

Usually, if you are not using a kitchen sink strainer, then it ends up clogging the drainage. So, you had to call your plumber once now and then to fix the clogging. Now you can save up the cost you used to spend on plumbing services each alternative month. 

But make sure you invest in a quality strainer to ensure its durability. Most stainless strainers are preferred by people but you should check each of the reviews before hitting the “Buy now” button. Stainless steel combined with a silicon material might be the perfect choice if the strainer is fitting perfectly on your sink. 

With so many options available it’s quite natural for you to get baffled about the final call when it comes to choosing a kitchen strainer. 

We hope this article has helped you to filter out the innumerable options you had in mind earlier just like the strainer filters out the debris. So, be healthy and joyful while maintaining these little things precisely. 

FAQ Session:

Why Do You Need a Kitchen Sink Strainer?

It allows the liquids to pass seamlessly through the pipes while filtering out the solid debris. If you have not been using a kitchen sink strainer, you will likely notice clogged drainage too often. This brings out the urge to call in a plumber. 

How Does a Kitchen Sink Strainer Keep the Seamless Flow of Water?

It has small or large holes that help it to filter out the small pieces of food that might clog your kitchen sink. The diameter of the holes depends on the product and its brand. Usually, there are two types of holes as we have mentioned; large and small. 

Is it Durable?

Well, generally the combination of stainless steel and silicone material indicates the durability of the product. But, it takes thorough research to analyze the durability of the product. 

Can You Clean the Strainers Easily?

Yes. Most of the strainers come with an easy cleaning process. They require a warm soapy water wash to bring back the shine. Some of the products are made of silicon plastic that has an invert flipping process which makes the cleaning hassle-free. 

Can it Prevent Clogging?

Yes. If you choose the right kind of product that fits your kitchen sink and has durable material then it will provide you ultimate protection against clogging. 

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