How To Pick Out A Quiet Blender: No More Waking Up Your Roommates!

Smoothies are an awesome breakfast drink because it’s an easy way to drink a wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs. If you’re anything like me you might not find having a full balanced breakfast first thing in the morning all that appetizing. Still, it’s important to have a good breakfast so drinking a smoothie while you get ready is a great way to get those vitamins in you.  Depending on your living situation, a morning smoothie might require a quiet blender.

Picture this scenario. You have a spouse or roommate that just worked a late night shift and is only able to get a few hours of sleep before their mid-morning dentist appointment. You just woke up and want to hit an early morning yoga class before work and need a little breakfast drink to fuel your body. Thinking of your living partner’s schedule, you don’t want to be noisy so you skip out on that healthy smoothie packed with fresh fruits and throw a frozen waffle in the toaster instead. 

That is unacceptable and you did your body no favors. Your health is just as important as theirs is. That’s why you need to look at some other options for making smoothies. Ditch your old blender that sounds like it could be one of your lawn-mower’s distant cousins and start looking for a quiet blender.

There are a lot of great quiet blenders available that you can make you breakfast in without disrupting the rest of the house. If you get a quiet blender you can have a smoothie whenever you want without disrupting a soul. Let’s look at some ways that can help pick out a quiet blender so the rest of your household can sleep in.

How Does A Quiet Blender Work?

It’s hard to imagine making a smoothie in the morning without the loud roar of a blender going along with it. The best quiet blenders have methods that help keep the noise level reduced.

So, how does a quiet blender work then? There are two common ways of achieving this. The first common way is muffling the sound that the motor makes. The second way is to seal the motor with an extra component, known as the sound enclosure. Both of these methods have helped companies all over the world update their models for a quieter blending method.

These methods of creating a quiet blender have made millions of people (who like to sleep in) happy all over the world! Living situations are a lot more peaceful when one person’s breakfast isn’t waking up the others.

Does A Quiet Blender Eliminate Noise?

Just how silent is a quiet blender? Does a quiet blender eliminate noise completely? One thing you should know first is that there is no such thing as a silent blender. You won’t be able to blend up a frozen fruit smoothie without making some noise. A quiet blender just has the noise reduced so it’s not as obnoxiously loud.

A quiet blender comes with an insulated base, which is usually made of rubber and is capable of absorbing most of the noise that the motor makes. The blender jar of a quiet blender is also usually made out of a sound resistant plastic material. These features help keep the blender noise to a minimum, even though it can’t completely be eliminated.

How Loud Is A Blender?

The average human speaks at a volume of 68 decibels when having a conversation. How loud is a blender? Most blenders run at 88-93 decibels. That’s louder than someone screaming at you!

Once the noise reducers have been put into place on the quiet blenders, the noise is reduced to 68-70 decibels. This makes the sound a lot more tolerable if you want a smoothie for breakfast while someone is sleeping in the next room.

Some quiet blenders even come with a protective shield to dampen the sound down even more. There will be no more noise complaints coming at you for blending your favorite drink.

What Features To Look For In A Quiet Blender

A quiet blender is a bit more costly than just a regular blender. If you are going to put money towards this investment it’s important to make sure the blender has all of the right qualities that you need. You will probably be using this device almost every day, so it needs to be wood quality. Here are some things you need to look out for when choosing a quiet blender:

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Check Reviews To See How Quiet It Really Is

Manufacturers aren’t required to tell us how many decibels of sound their motors give off. Before making a purchase check out the blender’s reviews online to see what other shoppers have to say about the noise level.

Size and Power of the Motor

Do you love making a smoothie out of frozen fruit? Or perhaps even blending drinks with ice? If so, then a quiet blender’s motor size is pretty important. You will need a blender with a motor that has a range of 300-600 W.

Blade Sharpness

Make sure you choose a blender that has good quality stainless steel blades. You will be washing your blender after every use, so if the blades are made from real stainless steel it prevents them from rusting.

Warranty Is Important Too!

Even the blenders designed with the best quality parts are capable of breaking down. This is why it’s a good idea to purchase a blender with a warranty. Buying your blender new and getting that warranty will have you covered in case anything goes wrong.

Final Thoughts About Quiet Blenders

Even though it’s important to eat a full balanced meal first thing in the morning, it’s often hard to work up the appetite. This is why smoothies are the ideal breakfast for many people who are trying to eat a healthier iest.

Making your morning smoothie in a quiet blender is the ideal way to blend it. That way you won’t disturb anyone else in the household who is still sleeping.

What is your favorite breakfast smoothie? Let us know in the comments.

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