Electric Knife to Carve a Turkey

For every kitchen, there is one tool that is of utmost importance. Without this tool, a kitchen is not complete. This tool is a knife. The traditional knife, either it’s Japanese or German, is used to slice the meat. A conventional knife is an essential tool. And it helps to cut pieces of meat or veggies.

But when we talk about professional cutting, where you need to cut tons of meat, then the traditional knife doesn’t help much. You need something more efficient, faster, and sharper. Here comes the electric knife in action.

With an electric knife, you can carve large pieces of meat very easily and quickly. Cutting meat is done within a fraction of the time the traditional knife does it. It takes less energy for an electric knife to cut turkey or roasted chicken or big beef pieces into small pieces. In recent years, the electric knife has made the traditional chef’s knife outdated. More and more people see the value of the electric knife.

In housekeeping and professional kitchens, an electric knife has become an essential tool. Lots of research and surveys show how gadgets are becoming a part of our kitchens. And an electric knife is the topmost among these devices.

Like the traditional knife, an electric knife should fit in the hand comfortably. It should be easy to operate. And it should cut the meat neatly and effectively. A good electric knife should feature blades that can be inserted and detached easily. Plus, the blade should be safe and secure during a cutting operation.

Another necessary quality of a good electric knife is a high-speed functionality. The fast-cutting motion plus the sharp made should make clean cuts. The meat should not tear or mark. Plus, you can use such a knife for cutting meat, bread, vegetables, fruits, and cheese. 

Here we will tell you about the top five electric knives to cut turkey, meat, beef, or any other food items. You will get complete specifications of these electric knives. Here are the top five electric knives we recommend for you. 

Black + Decker EK500B (B01K1JJAI2) – The Bestseller!

black knife


  • Product dimensions: 9 x 2 x 2.5 inches
  • Item weight: 12 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Black & Decker
  • Item model number: EK500B
  • Color: black
  • Blade length: 9 inches
  • Includes a safety lock button: Yes
  • Comes with tabs to avoid slip
  • Includes a knife stand
  • Two years limited warranty
  • 120 volts & 100 watts

This product from Black + Decker is two factored, which makes it lead the entire group of electric knives. And that makes sense. Black & Decker is perhaps the most well-known manufacturer of electric machinery. 

This is one of the few knives which can slice cheese too. It has a very comfortable handle. Its round handle lets you grip it firmly even if your hands are filled with grease. It is designed in a way to create almost no vibrations; it keeps your fingers from slipping from the trigger. Plus, it’s quiet – which is a pleasant feature.

This knife has a 9-inch stainless steel blade. It is simple to slice almost every food item, from cheese to vegetables, with this item. The blade can be inserted very quickly and securely at its place, and the convenient trigger turns the knife on and off. With a comfortable grip, wrist fatigue is very minimal. From the handle, the protruding part is 7” long and the cutting edge is 6.25“ long. It is effortless to assemble.  

Why buy this product?

Excellent price, easy to use, and, most of all, extremely easy to wash makes it the best choice of kitchens, domestic or commercial.

Pros Cons
9-inch stainless steel blade 
Comfortable grip handle
Parts safe for dishwasher
Safety button to lock knife
Release button to detach the blades
Tabs to attach or detach blades without slipping
Efficient and an energy saver
It can heat up if used more than three minutes continuously
Has plastic gears

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Hamilton Beach Electric Knife (B00065XWO0) – Most Affordable One!



  • Product dimensions: 6.2 x 6.2 x 12.2 inches
  • Item weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Power: 100 watts
  • Item model number: 74275R
  • Color: Black
  • Safety lock button: yes
  • Vibrations: no
  • Warranty: 2 years limited

Here comes the one who made slicing very simple and easy. It’s a product of Hamilton Beach. This electric knife comes with a storage case. You can cut your holiday roast very quickly and perfectly. You can slice pieces of bread, meats, and even cheese precisely at home for your meals.

For a secure grip, it has a comfortable handle. It has a state-of-the-art stainless steel blade that never needs sharpening. And the blade is easily removable for cleaning.

It includes a stainless steel fork, which helps you in cutting and even for serving. It comes with a compact storage case for all the parts. 

With the oscillating double-edged blade, this electric knife is as effective as electric knives go. Its sharp edge blade can cut bread into small layers without disturbing its texture.  The state-of-the-art design makes for a comfortably silent and vibration-free cutting experience.

Why buy this product?

A perfect high-speed precision cutting tool with a compact space case is a steal in this price.

Pros Cons
Easy to use with just triggering the button
High-speed, precise cutting
Low vibration 
Quiet enough to be soundproof
Safety features like button and non-slip panel
Comfortable grip for secure handling
Includes stainless steel for handling and even servings
Plastic gears need rest to cool down after continuous operation

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Cuisinart Electric Knife (B00004WKI3) – Compact Design



  • Product dimensions: 17.5 x 2.4 x 2.1 inches
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Weight in shipping: 3.44 pounds
  • Item model number: CEK-40
  • Manufacturer:               Cuisinart
  • Number of Blades: 2

This is one-of-a-kind among electric knives. It comes with two stainless-steel full-sized blades. One is used for cutting while the other is mainly meant for serving. Both blades have sharp edges and can do their respective jobs effortlessly. 

Both blades are designed with ergonomic handles, which are easy to use and elegant to handle. The package includes a 4 feet flexible electric cord. The more cord length you have, the better. You have room to work with the knife without tugging on the cord. Plus, it accommodates working spaces a few feet away from an outlet.

The on/off button is a one-touch pressure-activated button placed on the handle. For your protection, there is a safety button to lock the blades when you are done.  The safety lock button is on the handle of the knife. With the two high-end blades, you can cut either thin slices of meat or bread into pieces without disturbing its structure. 

It comes with a woodblock holding tray. This holding tray stores both blades and the base of the motor when not in use. This woodblock holding tray gives a stylish look when stored. With all the high-end parts it comes with, the three years limited warranty gives it an edge over other electric knife products. It’s the right choice when you prioritize safety, ease of usage, and high-quality blades.

Why buy this product?

With stylish woodblock, it’s a great deal for this price—a must-have tool for your kitchen with safety and precise cutting. As of June 2, 2021, this product is sadly unavailable on Amazon. But you can certainly find it in other stores, being one of the best kitchen electric knives in the market.

Pros Cons
The package includes two blades.
One blade is for cutting bread precisely
Wooden holding blocks for storage
High speed with low vibrations
Limited three years warranty
Four feet long electric cord 
It consumes 130 watts, which is higher than other products that use only 100 watts 

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Proctor Silex White (B00006IUX1) – The Amazon Choice!



  • Product dimensions: 11.3 x 3.8 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Weight in shipping: 1.59 pounds
  • Item model number: 74311Y
  • Manufacturer: Proctor Silex
  • Number of Blades: 1
  • Color: white

Here comes Amazon’s choice for an electric knife. This product is beneficial to those who want an electric knife with less weight and more secure handling. It has a sharp stainless-steel blade for cutting slices of meats and pieces of bread precisely and effortlessly.

It’s a lightweight knife; it weighs just 1.5 pounds. Its weight makes it easy to handle. Its handle grip is designed as a contoured hand grip giving you firm control even when cutting food swiftly. The contoured grip is comfortable for use with both hands, which makes it a top choice of worldwide chefs.

It’s a time-saving tool in your kitchen. The touch button gives you easy control. The safety lock button ensures your safety. Its sharp stainless steel blade can cut meat, bread, and even craft foam for your DIY projects. The blade is detachable, which makes cleaning it easier.

It comes with a six feet long power cord. It helps you if your wall outlet is far from your working area. The storage case is an excellent feature that helps you keep the knife safe and secure in a compact way when not in use.  

Why buy this product?

Elegant design, white color, lightweight and handy style makes it a perfect choice for every kitchen.

Pros Cons
Lightweight – just 1.5 pounds.
The white color gives it an elegant look. 
Long power cord for easy use
Pressure control on/off button
Safety button on the handle
Detachable blade for easy cleaning 
Being lightweight, it has plastic parts that might start to melt with continuous usage

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Rapala Electric Fillet Knife (B00F5EK3CG) – The Runner-Up!



  • Product dimensions: 16 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 ounce
  • Weight in shipping: 1.3 pounds
  • Item model number: 227856
  • Manufacturer: Rapala
  • Number of Blades: 2
  • Color: white
  • Motor:    110V power quiet long-lasting motor

Here comes the compact design for style lovers. It is specifically designed to prepare fish quickly. This top knife comes with two stylish blades. The blades are seven and a half inches long. These two blades can be detached and washed easily. They are dishwasher-friendly.  The proper length blades give you the liberty to cut and slice precisely, even big fish. 

It has a 110V power motor installed. This powerful motor gives you thrice the speed of the standard electric knife. Plus, it has twice the power of your average electric knife. 

Rapala’s airflow design renders the knife durable and corrosion-free. The specially designed grip gives you complete control while working with the high-speed, robust knife. Its stylish design is suitable to use with both hands. This model is not just about functionality. The airflow design gives it an aesthetically appealing look.

Its heavy-duty motor gives you the ability to cut rib bones and backbone. Advanced airflow design keeps the motor running cool and smooth with minimal vibration. With these features, it comes with eight feet long power cord which gives you plenty of areas to work around the fillet table. 

Why buy this product?

110v power, efficient design, long detachable blades, and extended power cord make it the perfect choice for fish handling. Sadly, this too is out of stock on Amazon. There’s just a high demand for such an amazing electric knife.

Pros Cons
Compact design
Heavy-duty motor with no noise
Long power cord for working better around
Detachable blades for easy cleaning
No shield for blades company  provided with the package Adopter not included to run it on 220v

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Buying Guide

Buying an electric knife is a tough job as there are dozens of options available in the market. We provided you the reviews about the best products available in the market. You can buy it online or from company stores. However, we suggest you buy these electrical products from company outlets so you can check them out physically before you decide to purchase them. Here are some key points you should keep in mind while purchasing an electric knife to carve a turkey – or other meat products. 

  • Blade features

The essential part of an electric knife is its blade. You should, first of all, read the details about the blade. Usually, the company makes these blades with high-quality stainless steel, which does not need any sharpener. Nitrogen passed blades will give you long-lasting and durability.

The quality of blade material & length may be impressive, and is it easy to clean? Detachable blades should be the first choice for cleaning and hygiene purposes. You should be able to insert it easily. For commercial use, you need a long blade with a powerful motor.

You should buy the product with dual blade options, one for slicing meats and the other for slicing tender products like bread or cheese. Additionally, you can have the fork option as well, which can help you directly serve using that fork.

Another critical feature of blades should be their carrion-free rustproofing. As blades deal with moisture every time, they get rusty if not appropriately handled.  

  • Easy Maintenance

As cutting depends on a sharp blade, you have to look for an electric knife with detachable blades. It will help you to maintain your blades.

  • Sharpness 

A razor-sharp blade gives you perfect slicing with minimal effort. You can choose the product which has swappable blades. The more blades you can swap, the less likely they are to break.

  • Cord 

You have two options here: cordless or corded. Cordless is the best option if your work time is short as a cordless knife does not give you a long working time. And a cordless knife with an extended operating time is definitely an expensive option. 

Another option is with the cord. It is a suitable option, too; you can work freely without interruptions or time restrictions. Keeping this fact in your mind, you should look for a knife with a long power cord. A knife with a longer cord is a better option. 

  • Warranty

The critical feature for purchasing a knife is its warranty period. An extended warranty can mean that the product is of high quality. At least two years warranty is standard in the market. If you get more a longer warranty than that, you’ve got yourself a good deal.


 You read all the reviews about the top best products in the market. We recommend the first one. But if you need an affordable one or one with a compact design, then you should get those. Whatever your needs are, one of these electric knives can fulfill them.


  • What size of blades comes with an electric knife?

Usually, an electric knife for carving turkey comes with an eight-inch size blade. Size variation is possible on demand, which will affect the price of the knife.

  • Which quality of blades is preferable for slicing meat pieces?

Razor-edged sharp blades are recommended for meat and beef slicing. 

  • What should be the length of the power cord?

The average length of a power cord is 4 feet. You can use it in home kitchens, but if you want to use it on a commercial basis, then you should go for 8 feet option. It gives you a wide area to work around. 

  • I turned on my electric knife to carve a turkey, but it is not working, what should I do?

There may be some problem with your knife motor. If your product is under warranty, then you should go for a replacement. 

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