Best Silicone Baking Mats To Buy In 2021

One of the heartbreaking disasters that happen to a baker is to watch their finely shaped cookies lose their shapes. Either the cookies get stuck to the tray, or the parchment papers get torn. Have you ever faced one of these disappointing scenarios while trying out baking? Well, say bye-bye to those wasteful papers now. We’re here to bring you the best silicone baking mat that will solve your baking problems like a magic stick. 

Yes! We are talking about the nonstick and reusable baking essential designed for your need. You can easily lay those mats down on the baking tray, and you won’t have to face your foods getting stuck or your cookies losing their shapes. 

The nonstick surface provides high heat resistance. Plus, it’s safe for your health too. The mat’s surface is designed to cut down the extra trans-fat from your food.  If you are looking for the perfect-sized mat that fits your tray, you will no longer have to cut those parchment papers into the right size every time you use them. 

But wait!! You could be using cooking spray, right? However, using cooking spray produces a lot of greases, which is not what we want. 

In comparison, these reusable silicone baking mats add the perfect texture and flavor to your cookies without damaging their shapes. It’s easy to find any cheap silicone mats, however, you’d be taking a risk. Cheap silicone mats have questionable quality, shape, and size. 

If you are a serious baker, we want you not to commit the blunder of falling for cheap material. This is the reason why we have penned down the best silicone baking mats in this article to help you narrow down your choices. You will get an informed decision and choose the best one to kick-start your baking journey.

KITZINI Silicone Baking Mat – The Best Choice

The KITZINI introduces you to their classy woven silicone baking mats with a variety of two, three, and four pieces. Each of the pieces has a colored bordered lining. So, you can categorize them as per your savory dishes. 

The mats can withstand high heat resistance of up to 450 F degrees. Perfect for use in the high-heat baking oven. The surface is designed to ensure even heat distribution that adds the perfect texture to your baked item. 

The main feature of this mat is that each of them is made of professional-grade silicone that indicates strength and durability. Along with this, the core material is made of fiberglass that provides you the perfect flexibility every time you use it. The size of the mat is 16.5″*11.58″ that can be fit onto standard-sized baking trays. 

Apart from its high heat resistance, the mat can cope well in the freezer as well. It can withstand a minimum temperature of -40 degrees F. You can pop it in the freezer and put it directly in the oven without the fear of getting it damaged. 

Although this mat might be perfect for baking cookies and pastries, do not use it for cooking meat. However, the mat allows you to bake healthy food by cutting off the extra calorie. Each of the products of KITZINI is FDA approved. So, this is one of the valuable kitchen appliances you must have to ensure healthily and hassle-free baking. 

Pros Cons
Multiple colored options. 
High heat resistance.
Non-sticky surface.
Easily cleaned.
Each of the mats is the same size.

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Silpat Non-stick Baking Mat – The High Heat Resistant Mat

Are you a professional baker looking for the best solution for all those baking issues? Well, Silpat is right up your alley. What could be a more efficient solution than a baker himself makes products for perfecting the baking fantasies, right? The Silpat company was founded by a passionate baker in 1965. Sasa Demarle was an experienced professional French baker. 

He wanted to solve issues he faced while baking long back at that time. So he first tried baguette bread on a nonstick tray. And that worked wonderfully as the food didn’t get stuck to each other or on the tray. A few years later, he invented the nonstick tray, and further on, he invented silicone baking mats.

The Silpat is made of the finest quality professional food-grade silicone along with its core manufactured with fiberglass. The mat provides an even distribution of heat on each of your baking items without burning them. The company has been making prestigious baking items for a long time. Hence our list would have been incomplete without one of the most preferred silicone baking mats of all time. 

The mat’s size is “11-5/8*16-½” that fits perfectly in all standard-sized ovens. The temperature range it can tolerate is between -40degre F to 482degree F. The product offers you the utmost durability. You can almost bake 3000 times or more, depending upon your maintenance. 

If you are a professional baker, there is no reason for you to dislike the product. The products are certified by NSF and FDA. 

Pros Cons
Used by many professional bakers for years.
Withstand minimum to maximum temperature.
Curved corners make it easy for you to remove them from the pan.
It’s not sold as a set.

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AmazonBasics Silicone Mat -The Simplest Choice

This product is the simplified baking essential that gears up your baking journey. The amazon basics model is a set of two baking mats of 11- 5/8 *16- ½ inches. Both of the sizes are the same in this set, and both of them have grey borders that easily match your kitchen interior. 

It can withstand up to 480 degrees F. Apart from that, you will get a non-stick surface that is quite common in most silicone baking mats. You won’t need to use any cooking spray or oil for baking or cooking your food. It fits into most ovens except for the direct-fire ovens. 

But the feature that will surprise you is its durability. Generally, most silicone baking mats are not strong enough to bear with utensils made of metal. Amazonbasics has strong durability that can withstand any metal spatula use. 

You will enjoy baking cookies, cinnamon buns, fish, bread, and many more with this product. The even heat distribution adds the perfect color to the food leaving them evenly baked. The cleanup is hassle-free with this product. 

You can easily hand wash it with a bit of soap and water, or you can pop it in a dishwasher. But, make sure not to place the mat in contact with any sharp objects. 

A slightly disappointing fact is that it is available in one size only. So, if you want a different sizing option for your baking tray, then it may disappoint you. 

Pros Cons
Simplified designs
Withstand metal utensil uses.
Hassle-free cleaning
Same-sized mats. 

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Artisan Silicone Baking Mat – The Durable One

Are you an artisan baker looking for a non-stick surface to bake your savory dishes? This Artisan silicone baking mat is a perfect choice waiting for you to pick. The set has two mats, both with a red-colored cover lining that matches your elegant interior. 

The best part is that you will get different sizing options from Artisan that fit any baking pan you have. All of their mats are made of fiberglass that represents strength, flexibility, and durability. Apart from that, they are made of BPA and PFOA-free silicone that ensures higher levels of safety to your family. 

Speaking of its baking feature, the mat can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees F. It can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees so you can use them to make frozen desserts like frozen blueberries or chocolate-coated strawberries, etc. 

This artisan silicone baking mat doesn’t only give you the independence to bake cookies or bread only. You can cook or bake savory dishes like chicken breasts, roasted potatoes, etc. 

After every usage, you can simply wipe the mat with a wet cloth and store it. But if you want to pop it in a dishwasher, it allows you that option too. The 16.5*11 inches size mat is available in 2 packs and 4 packs. You will get an option to choose 3 pack options with the quarter sheet that is sized 11.5*8 inches.

This product is currently out of stock on Amazon. But you can still see its price on the website.

Pros Cons
Simplified designs
Withstand metal utensil uses.
Hassle-free cleaning
Same-sized mats. 

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Silchef Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat – Healthiest Choice

We should put forward the best thing first. You will get three mats of different sizes. Two of them will be of a half-sheet size, and the third one will be of a quarter-sheet size. So if you have multiple ovens at your home, you can use the mats for multiple purposes. 

This cut off the chances of forcing you to cut the baking mats to fit into your oven size. Since the material is made of fiber glasses, cutting is best avoided to maintain standard health safety. 

You can choose different colors for three different mats. This will help you to identify them in times of need. For example, you can use the red ones for baking savory dishes while the yellow ones for baking cookies and the other ones for pastries. This helps to maintain the perfect texture of the food along with keeping up its durability. 

If you are a beginner trying to bake your cookies in perfect sizes, then the Silchef mat will serve you the best as it has markings for each cookie. 

This product is also currently unavailable on Amazon. But it’s worth checking out its price and its availability in other stores.

Pros Cons
You will get three mats of different sizes.
Each of the mats has different colored borders.
Measurement marking for baking with perfection.
Different sized mat, so if you are looking for the same sized mats then it might be an issue. 

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Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Silicone Baking Mats

It might be a little hard for you to pick the right decision as there are too many options available for baking mats. Apart from that, the parchment papers, cooking sprays may leave you confused before you pick the silicone baking mats.

However, not only do those items diminish the perfect texture of your food, but they also can get stuck on the food, which is unhealthy. It’s a real struggle to get off those parchment paper from the food. On the other hand, those cooking sprays leave your food high in calories while affecting the flavor. 

So, silicone baking mats are the perfect healthy choice for you and your family. Since you don’t want to compromise your loved ones’ health, here are some facts that will help you to pick the best mat.

The Size of the Mat

The main critical part to consider here is the size of the baking mat. The size must fit into the baking tray or pan you are using. So, make sure the mat fits perfectly into it as you will not be able to cut the baking mats. There are very few silicone baking mats available that can be cut into the right sizes, but most of them are made of fiberglass, so it’s best to avoid the cutting part. 

However, there are different sizes available to fit your baking pan. For example, the quarter-sheet or half-sheet would fit any standard-sized baking tray. Even you can buy sets of these mats that include size variants. So, you will have more flexibility with its sizes.

Color of the Mat

If you are a serious baker, then probably you want multiple mats for multiple purposes. So, you can specify them by the colors. For example, if you have a set of mats with a red-colored border, then you can use them for baking meat whereas the other green borders for baking cookies.

 Let us tell you only the borders may have different colors, but the middle of the mat only has brown or white surfaces. So, you can choose the mats that suit your preference.


The cleaning part is a hassle for many people. Since people are too busy with their daily activities, most of them look for dishwasher-safe mats. If you are looking for that quality, then it’s good news for you. There are mats with the dishwasher-safe feature. But make sure you put them on the top and dry it well. 


Most baking mats can withstand temperatures as high as 450 degrees F. But if you are looking for ones that can withstand high temperatures as well as cope in the freezer, then this is the important point to consider while buying the mat. 


If you are a beginner in baking, then look for the mats having a marking on them. It will help you to size your cookies perfectly even without the guesswork.


Undoubtedly silicone baking mats are garnering immense popularity among professional cooks and beginners with baking fantasies. There is no denial of their several advantages, right? People love its cost-efficiency, health safety, non-stick ability, and the list can go long. 

Gone are those days when parchment papers and cooking sprays used to discourage you from perfecting your baking skill. Every Time you had to see those perfectly sized cookies losing their shapes due to the quality of parchment paper. 

But, now you can start over your journey without worrying about those previous issues. While buying the best silicone baking mat you can enjoy delish cookies every time you bake. 

We hope this article has helped you to land on the perfect baking mat for your pan. Now start your baking journey all over again.

FAQ Session

  1. Is it Safe to Use Silicone Baking Mat?

Yes, they are made of food-grade silicone material after approving it by the FDA. It has to pass several tests to prove it doesn’t conduct any reaction with any type of food. Henceforth the material is used to make baking mats. So, it is highly safe and causes no harm to your health.

  1.  What if the size doesn’t fit my baking pan?

You can choose a set of three or two with different sizes. We have listed such products in our article and you can check them out. Having different sizes will ensure that one of them will fit into your oven. However, do not consider cutting the material as it may be harmful to your health.

  1. Should you apply cooking spray or oil on the mats before using them?

No, the best part of using silicone baking mats is that you don’t need to use any oil or grease before baking any item. So, it helps to cut off the extra oil added to your food. 

  1. How to increase the durability of silicone baking mats?

Since most of them are made of fiberglass and food0cgread e silicon it ensures durability and flexibility at the same time. But you should handle them with care to avoid scratching the mats or drooping them every alternate day. 

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