The Best Frozen Yogurt Maker Machine to Make Deliciously Healthy Recipe

We always try our best to find healthy yet delicious food. But these two qualities often seem contrary to each other. If you opt for healthy food, they are not very tasty. And if you pick the delicious ones, most of them don’t offer any health benefits. Hence, when the frozen yogurt dish was invented, it was a sigh of relief for people around the nook and corners of the world. 

This amazingly delicious dish has myriad health benefits that come with its scrumptious taste. It’s entirely reasonable that the hunt begins for the best frozen yogurt maker. If you crave frozen yogurt often, this kitchen gadget is a necessity. 

Once you decide to buy a yogurt maker machine, the primary challenge you face is picking the best one. Most of you are probably well-aware of the frozen yogurt recipes, but a few of us can spot the difference between a cheap quality maker and a premium maker. This unawareness will not do.

There are plenty of choices in the market for frozen yogurt makers. So, we’ve researched far and wide to come up with a solution that suits everyone’s needs. Here’s the list of the best frozen yogurt maker machine for people with different requirements.

Cuisinart ICE-21P1 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt Machine (B003KYSLMW) – Our Best Recommendation


Being the leading kitchen appliances maker, Cuisinart brings you the latest yogurt maker that prepares your frozen delicacies in less than 20 minutes. The fully automated machine prepares fresh and healthy frozen desserts at home simply without a hassle. 

This product is not only suitable for frozen yogurt but also great ice creams. Your options are not limited next time you have to whip up a good dessert instantly.

The product has a 1.5 quarts container that is sufficient if you’re not organizing a party. You can serve up to 6 people precisely. For regular usage, this is the perfect item. 

The maker has a mixing paddle with a double insulated freezer bowl allowing it to prepare the dishes faster than any other product. The best part is its heavy-duty motor, which helps in preparing the chilled ice cream dishes and frozen drinks. The transparent easy-lock lid allows you to observe your dessert while preparing.

Despite all its myriad advantages, you won’t have to make a fortune to buy this product. It’s very affordable in terms of its quality. Some people complain that it takes longer to prepare the frozen yogurt than the time mentioned in the instructions. But that depends totally on the type of ingredients. Some of them may take a little longer. But the wait is worthwhile if you appreciate high-quality desserts. 

For recipes, Cuisinart includes a booklet full of dessert recipes you can make using the product. So, fulfill all your cravings for dessert every time you wish.

Pros Cons
Mixing paddle
Heavy-duty motor
Prepares dishes within 20 minutes
Easy-lock lid
3-year warranty
A bit noisy
It takes longer to prepare some ingredients

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VonShef Ice-cream, Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet Maker 1.5-QT (B00NEK6L6K) – The Most Economical Choice


Speaking of affordability, this product can’t be left uncovered. If you’ve been finding an economical solution for your frozen dessert maker then this is the best product we have come across so far. The Vonshef model can be used for regular purposes as it has a capacity of 1-quart. The double-insulated freezer bowl has a dimension of 5.9” x 7” x 5.1” x 4.5”.

Apart from all these, if the noise of other machines has been a cause of disturbance for you then you will find this product to be pretty amazing. The sound of this product is tested and has only 65 DBA that won’t hurt your ears. 

The best part is that it has been voted as the top 5 ice cream maker in the market by the Great British Food magazine which proves its reliability.  The reason why it has been among the top 5 ice cream makers becomes pretty clear after reading its features. You can make luscious chilled ice creams, Yogurts, sorbets, gelato, and many more within a max of 25-30 minutes. 

The process of using the ice cream maker is pretty easy. All you have to do is add your preferred ingredients and turn on the motor. It will prevent ice crystals formation and provide you the softest and creamy texture for your food. So start making your delicious dessert without breaking your bank.

Sadly, this economical choice is currently out-of-stock on Amazon. But as it is a popular choice for so many, you can certainly find it on other stores.

Pros Cons
Less noisy than other products in the market. 
Large-sized bowl.
Anti-skid rubber to prevent damages
You can make a variety of dishes.
Plastic exterior
Quite flimsy

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Yonanas 902 Classic healthy Dessert Fruit Serve Maker (B005083ECS) – The Highly Rated Option


Having one of the highest numbers of ratings on top-rated eCommerce sites, it didn’t go unnoticed from our research. You can indulge in unlimited fantasies of frozen delights as Yonanas allow you to create recipes with endless combinations. 

You can insert the frozen fruits and make soft-serve ice cream. You can make sugar-free cakes, bonbons, pies, sorbets, and whatnot. The recipe book it offers has a total of 36 recipes including simple pies, parfait, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and many more. 

The best part is that you can add a touch of goodness to these yummy desserts. It’s a golden opportunity to show off your cooking talent to your guests. You can make the best smoothies by adding some chocolates, fruits, and so on. The product is also dishwasher friendly so those having little time to clean up the machine can easily consider this product.

It might be a little expensive if you’ve got a strict budget. But, we can assure you that this product is worth every single penny you’re going to spend on it. It provides optimal performance with top-notch construction and usability. You can comfortably and efficiently make healthy yet delicious desserts at your home.

Pros Cons
Handy product
Doesn’t take too much time to prepare dishes.
Eye-catchy design
Not specially made for frozen yogurt

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Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker (B009OZ62IG) – The Professional-Grade Frozen Yogurt Maker

Breville (1)

If you want a professional-grade frozen yogurt maker for making the healthiest and tastiest dessert at your home, then Breville Smart Scoop Ice-Cream Maker is the perfect solution. It might be a little more expensive than other products on this list but the fancy features are pretty worthwhile. For quality frozen desserts, Breville brings you the most suitable product. 

The versatility that the machine offers can provide you the widest combinations of ingredients to make the perfect dessert. This has a total of 12 different settings for different recipes. You can make gelato, yogurt, ice cream, sorbet, and many more desserts with this single device.

There will be no need to crowd up your kitchen with multiple products for multiple uses. You will get plenty of ideas from the recipe book it includes. For more suggestions, you can check out online videos as well and add a professional touch to every dessert. 

It has a fully automated feature that is perfect for beginners. You don’t have to set anything up; the machine automatically sets the timing according to the ingredients. There is a manual setting too where you can instruct the machine. 

It doesn’t offer you a 2 quarts size, which is disappointing considering its price. It only offers you 1.5 quarts which are also pretty good for regular family use. But undoubtedly you can learn a lot more new desserts without wasting much time. So, if pricing is not a concern for you, then definitely pay heed to this amazing frozen dessert maker. 

Pros Cons
Fancy features
Substandard customer service

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Hamilton Beach 68330N Automatic Ice Cream Maker (B0009A0N4E) – The Largest


If you don’t want to congest your kitchen place with too many appliances, you may consider investing in this product as it serves multiple purposes. You can make a wide range of desserts from frozen yogurt to ice cream, sorbets, and so on.

The best part that will definitely grab your attention is its size. The 4-quart sized product is the ideal solution for parties and other occasions. A recipe book with a myriad of suggestions is also offered within the pack. So, if you are trying your first frozen yogurt, you won’t face a single issue after perusing the book.

Still, wondering about choosing this product? Well, let us tell you more fancy features of this. This is the only distinguishable product that allows you to store it directly in the freezer without worrying about damages. Apart from its size, it has fully automated features where you can mix up the ingredients and set the timer, and wait for the dessert to be ready. 

It’s pretty easy to operate, especially time-saving for office-goers. You don’t need to check it every alternate minute; it won’t mess up your favorite ice cream or yogurt even if you don’t operate it manually.

Pros Cons
Completely automatic 
The larger size offers you more space while preparing dishes.
Multi-purpose Durable

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Things to Consider before Buying the best frozen yogurt maker machine:

Even after narrowing down the choices of yogurt maker, you may still be a little confused about which one to pick. Of course, the product should meet each of your requirements. So, without knowing the considerable factors, buying the best product can be time-consuming. 

For your convenience, we’ve brought together all these considerable factors to help you land on the perfect yogurt maker. So, continue on reading and get one step closer to your deliciously healthy frozen yogurt.

The Capacity of the Container

The capacity of your yogurt maker machine is the first thing to consider before buying. The appliance is available in either a 2-quart container or a 1.5-quart container. So, think about individual preferences and needs before buying. You need to consider the volume of yogurt you’re going to make most of the time. 

If you have a large number of members in your family, then the 2-quart container size will be sufficient whereas for small families the 1.5-quart container fits best. Also, if you don’t have regular guests coming in a large number then sticking to the small size is the optimum solution. Most of the models allow you to make both sorbets, ice cream, and frozen yogurt. 

Freezing Time

The freezing time varies from model to model. Some of them allow you to enjoy your favorite frozen yogurt within twenty-five minutes max whereas some of the models can take up to thirty minutes or more. You must know the total time your machine takes in order to make dishes.

However, if you are willing to spend more on a faster machine, then it’s best to opt for an expensive product. Incidentally, these products will also allow you to make gelato and ice cream along with frozen yogurt.

Type of Machine

There are mainly two different styles of yogurt makers: the frozen fruit maker and the ice cream machine. Both of the machines are potent to make delicious frozen yogurt recipes except that the style is different. With the ice cream machine, you have to add each of the ingredients and pop it in the machine to freeze. And the frozen fruit maker machine uses a different approach to make the dessert. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

Those with a lot of free time never face an issue cleaning down the machines but it becomes a hassle for people with limited time. So, if you are one of those that have little to no time cleaning your machine, the ideal solution would be to choose a dishwasher-friendly machine. 

You’ve to be a little extra cautious in this phase as most of the manufacturers will claim their products as dish-washer friendly but very few will have detachable parts that you can easily wash in a dishwasher. So, check out at the time of purchase if the product is easy to maintain and features other essentials like auto shut-off and so on. 


Ideally, it’s best to buy a product with a minimum of 12 months of warranty. You don’t want to bear extra losses in case of a manufacturing defect or any other issue.


We always look for a mix of healthy and tasty food to ensure long-term health. The frozen yogurt was undoubtedly a sigh of relief for people around the whole world. But due to the hassle of the manual process, it was a bit challenging to make the dessert.  The introduction of frozen yogurt makers makes it more convenient for you to make these tasty desserts at home. 

Even you can make healthier desserts by just throwing in frozen fruits in it. Of course, you can also add other ingredients of your choice. So if you’re on a diet, you won’t need to eat insipid foods and make yourself suffer. 

Make sure you invest your hard-earned money in the right product. We’ve discussed everything in detail to help you land on the best frozen yogurt maker machine that meets all your requirements. Now you can live healthier without giving up your favorite dessert.

FAQ Session

  1. What is a frozen yogurt machine?

Frozen yogurt dessert was first founded 30 years ago and since then it has been one of the popular dessert choices for people all around the world. The frozen yogurt machine helps you to prepare the desert within 35 minutes without damaging the creamy texture. 

  1. How does the machine work?

Generally, every frozen yogurt machine churns and freezes the mixture of yogurt without damaging the thick consistency. If used properly, you will enjoy a less icy dessert. 

  1. Is it too expensive?

There is a range of pricing available from cheap to expensive products. The cost entirely depends on the machine’s quality. But typically, consumer-grade items range from $40-$100.

  1. Which one should I try more between frozen yogurt and ice cream?

Frozen yogurt is a healthier dessert than ice cream as ice cream contains more calories and fats than these frozen yogurts. So, if you are looking for a healthier and delicious recipe then you must try frozen yogurts.

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