Best Broiler Pans with Buyer’s Guide (Check #4)

We often feel distressed over the fact of using too much oil in our food, right? Despite knowing the unhealthy effects of consuming too much oily food, we have left with no other option. It's because we all have a common notion that the food can’t be properly cooked if we use less oil. But fret no more! With this best broiler pan, now you can perfectly cook your food using a lot less oil.

In this article, we will be reviewing 5 of the best broiler pan to cut down on oil in your food. We will take into consideration a few factors when doing this review including durability, lightweight and value for money.

But if you are in a hurry to buy the broiler pan without reading our in-depth reviews, then check out our top choice broiler pan.

Our Top Choice - The Most Durable

Range Kleen BP106X Porcelain Broil and Bake Pan

Our Rating

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Now that you know our top choice, let's start with the guide proper.

The best part of these broiler pans is the heat-reflecting method that ensures all the cooking items are evenly cooked at all parts. So clearly these are the easiest, quickest and cost-effective solution to cook your food. But, that’s not all it offers!

Besides saving your cost, it has these innumerable health benefits too. So if you're a health nut with full-blown obsessions for healthy cooking, hop on reading this comprehensive guide on broiler pen.

We've penned down the list of best broiler pan reviews to help you pick the best one that worth your every penny. So, bring this hollow enameled metal pan to your home and ensure all your cooking perfections.

Without further a do, let's look at the comparison table below.

Best Broiler Pan Comparison Table

Best Broiler Pan Reviews

The Most Durable

Range Kleen BP106X Porcelain Broil and Bake Pan

Our Rating

The range Kleen broiler pan comes with two sets of pieces; the broiler rack and the broiler pan. Honestly, these two sets will provide you the perfect convenience while you cook. Both of these pieces are made of heavy-duty porcelain material which indicates longer life-span.

Talking about its feature, the first thing we would say is its porcelain finish. The porcelain-coated finish provides you the non-stick surface that helps to reduce the amount of oil you need for cooking your food.

However, the material's core value is hidden in its durability. The toughness that it provides is the ideal one for a broiler pan. Also, you don't have to struggle anymore to clean its perforated top (trust me it's the nightmare for most people!)

It’s dishwasher-friendly which means you can easily pop it in a dishwasher and maintain its cleanliness.

Other than these reasons, the range Kleen broiler pan drains away all the fat drippings from meats. So, you will have healthy and balanced cholesterol without giving up your favorite food.

But, speaking of its size, it might be a little disadvantage for you when you cook for a large number of people. It has this 12.75*8.5 pan size which can perfectly fit in all types of the oven but provide you less space if you have a large number of people at your home.

But generally, for regular usage, it's the perfect one. It has enough surface area to cook your veggies, meat, and fish delightfully.


Non-Sticky surface area
Longer life-span

Withstand up to 1025 degrees F Premium quality material


Mid-sized pan
The color may fade away

The Larger Pan

General Electric WB48X10056 Large Broiler Pan

Our Rating

Already the brand has accumulated a good number of positive impressions from its consumers all around the world. Generally, their cook-wares always have something best to say about. And this product is not an exception.

After evaluating its features, we can completely assure you of its premium quality that certainly lives up to the hype it has got.

The large surface provides you enough space to cook foods for a large group of people. It has a 15 ½ * ½ dimension which is wider than all other models. So you can delightfully cook all your favorite seafood, meat, veggies faster and finer than earlier days.

Speaking of its material quality, the product has porcelain nonstick material coating on its exteriors along with that, its core manufactured with industrial-grade steel. Doesn’t it indicate superior durability?

Well, we bet so. And along with this, you will have no hassle left with its cleaning. This is dishwasher safe. You can just pop it in and clean the product. If you are thinking about hand-washing then let us warn you that it might be troublesome. Most importantly, make sure you don't clean it too abrasively otherwise the coating will be damaged.

This broiler pan can easily withstand up to 500 degrees F heat but it works actually better with all the general electric ovens. But if you are using any other ovens make sure you have the mid-sized oven else it won't accommodate this large dimension.

Apart from all these benefits, you will cook the healthiest meal every time with this broiler pan as it has a vent-line slant that drains all the oils away.


Non-sticky surface
Vent-like slants
Premium core material
Large-sized pan


Hand-cleaning might be tricky
Sharp edges

The Easily Washable One

Whirlpool 4396923 Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid

Our Rating

Well the brand itself speaks for its superior quality and reliability. The whirlpool porcelain broiler pan comes with a set of two pieces; the grid and the pan. So, you can avail of both while buying.

Speaking of its features, the product is primarily made of industrial-grade stainless steel along with a porcelain finish. Due to the porcelain finish, the cleaning part is not a hassle anymore. The food gets less stick to the pan and you can easily clean it with a dishwasher or with your hand too.

But, if you are cleaning it with your hand make sure you gently clean the coating surface. Else the coating will be damaged.

The best part of this pan is that it gets heat up instantly so you can save up your cost here too. The heating is applied evenly over the surfaces so food gets cooked perfectly and easily.

Talking about its health benefits, the design of the product is made in such a way that it drains away from the excess oil easily.

Despite all these features, we should mention that the pan can’t withstand intense heating. As it has a quick heating capability, the porcelain exterior might get damaged due to excessive heating.


Quick heating
Even distribution of heat
Non-stick material
Drains away excess oil
Easily cleanable


The pan may get damaged due to high heating

The Most Reliable

Frigidaire 5304442087 Broiler Pan

Our Rating

The name might take you some time to pronounce it correctly but honestly the brand Frigidaire is one of the most trusted ones. The features of this product are highly competitive with similar ones.

This particular broiler pan contains all the features and conveniences to leave up to its hype. To start off, the porcelain exterior and interior surface provide you the finest convenience while cooking without any oil.

Not only you can easily slide off the foods but also the smoother surface is suitable for cleaning purposes. The food doesn't get stuck in here so you can easily hand-wash the surface and maintain its cleanliness. Besides hand-washing, let us tell you that it's also dishwasher safe.

To which you can easily pop it in a dishwasher and get it cleaned. So, the first headache of maintenance will be removed with the use of this product.

Apart from this, this product comes along with two pieces; the scrapper and the top tray. So you can cook any meal from your recipe book without a hassle. Even the texture it provides while cooking is highly satisfactory.

And not to worry about the sizes as it has 14*11 inches dimension. So, it's needless to say that it's a mid-sized product and well suitable for regular family usage. Speaking of its health benefits, this broiler pan is excellent at draining away the excessive oils.

So, every time you cook a meal, it's healthier for your body. However, the color may fade away after extensive usage. Even if you drop the pan the coating may be damaged.

Once the coating gets damaged, it's advisable not to use the product as it's no longer safe for your health. However, with little maintenance and caution, you can wield the utmost benefit of the product.


Multi-purpose utility
Non-stick material
The oven or stovetop is safe


A bit expensive
Color may fade away after extensive use

Highly Preferred

Granite Ware Broil and Grill Pan

Our Rating

This product serves your multipurpose cooking fantasies. Now you can bake, grill, and broil using the same product without a hassle. When it comes to grilling, let us tell you that it provides you a grill rack that can be used for broiling meat or barbeque.

The perforated tray makes you able to cook fish and vegetables impeccably. And lastly, the baking features allow you to bake lasagna or any other savory dishes. Moreover, you can cook all types of dishes from your menu too in a healthy way.

The granite broiler pan has accumulated the highest reviews so far. People love its carbon steel core manufacture material which makes it stronger yet lighter. And if you've been finding an eco-friendly broiler pan so far, then congrats!! Your search may end here.

This product is made of non-stick material without the presence of chemicals.

You know what that means, right?

Every time you cook from now on will be a healthier meal that too without sacrificing the deliciousness.

Apart from this, the material has a porcelain surface which makes it simply easy to clean. It's also dishwasher safe. So, whether you wish to clean it with your hands or with a dishwasher, you'll have a shiny pan after every wash.

The materials of this product and the heating method ensure that the food is evenly and perfectly cooked.

Speaking of its size, the broiler pan, the roasting pan, and the grill rack has 117 square inches on an average. So, you can easily use any type of oven and start cooking all your delicacies.

However, you may damage it once you drop the pan. So, make sure you be careful while using the pan.


Non-Sticky surface area
Broil/grill/roasting facility
Dishwasher safe​
Carbon steel core


May wrap under extensive heat
The coating may chip if you drop the pan

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider before You Buy the Best Broiler Pan!

Undoubtedly, buying the broiler pan is an awesome idea for some obvious reasons. You will be able to cook the healthiest meal for your family using less to no oil.

Apart from this, it will speed up your cooking process while distributing the heat evenly. Despite these unavoidable reasons to buy a broiler pan, you should not hastily take the decision.

It’s best to consider some useful factors while buying a broiler pan for your home. So, for your ease, we’ve provided the relevant information right here, just hop on reading!!

The Materials Used

The materials of the product determine the quality and durability. By checking the broiler pan’s material you will clarify two of your doubts. First is whether you will be able to cook meals in a healthier way and secondly the materials show if the pan is safe for your health.

Apart from these reasons, you will also have a clear idea of whether it will provide you a smoother surface or not. Generally, a broiler pan can be made of ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron, and carbon steel. They all hold different qualities.

Let’s take a look:

  • The steel or carbon is good for heat retention
  • Porcelain provides you non-stickiness
  • Aluminum can provide attractive designs

Versatility of Cooking Items

The second thing to consider here is the food types you want to prepare. Some of the broiler pans are well structured for cooking meat while others can be good for veggies or snacks. So, the deciding factor here could be the number of dishes you want to make.

If you need to make all the snacks, meat and veggies then you should consider buying a product that serves all the purpose in one place. Take a look at how you should consider here:

  • If you want to cook meat only on your broiler pan then go with the one having a grill-style rack to drain the excess oil away.
  • If you are looking for a vegetable maker or snack maker, then choose the one with a wider surface area.

The Hassle of Cleaning

Cleaning is the hassle we all try to neglect especially when we’re excessively caught up with our daily activities. But, once you buy a broiler pan you can’t leave the food over it, right? You will have to clean it every time you use it. So, it’s best to opt for the dishwasher safe broiler pans. But in this case, longevity can be impacted. The experts always suggest washing the pans gently with your hands to ensure a longer life span. So you can consider the below-mentioned scenario while buying:

  • The porcelain material provides you a smoother surface and easy to clean feature.
  • The dishwasher safe products can provide a longer lifespan even without hand-washing it.

The Dimension

The last yet the crucial point to consider is the dimension of your broiler pan. The pan must fit in the oven you have. So, firstly before you jump into buying this product make sure to measure the size of your stove.

Checking the dimension is crucial for another reason that it is the surface area. If you want to cook meals for a large number of people, then the larger and wider surface is suitable. So, prioritize your decision based on these factors to make the most out of the product.

Best Broiler Pan FAQs

What Exactly Is a Broiler Pan?

A broiler pan is cookware to broil foods using little to no oil. You can cook all your snacks, veggies, meat in a healthier way by using this pan.

What is the Optimal Way to Clean a Pan?

The optimal way is to wash it gently with your hand first then pop it in a dishwasher if it is not cleaned that way.

How Long The Broiler Pan Can Last?

It depends on the quality of the material used in the pan. However, an industrial-grade steel core material can ensure a longer lifespan.

What Should You Cook in a Broiler Pan?

Typically a multipurpose broiler pan will allow you to cook any food right from the meat, snacks, fish, veggies, or any delicacies you want.


There can’t be any denial of the fact that broiler pan is a great choice for making healthy foods. You will get the perfect texture with little to no use of oil. So, it will also cut down your cost for buying unnecessary oils.

But, before you buy the best broiler pan for your home make sure to prioritize each of the points we’ve mentioned above. It will help you land on good products with a longer life span.

 In case you’re short on time, just opt for the sturdy and highly reviewed products. The article provides you a glimpse of pros and cons too so you can skim through these if you’re running short of time.

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