Are Calphalon Pans Oven Safe? Let’s Find Out

Cooking can be a lot of fun. Eating is even more fun. Cleaning up on the other hand isn’t as much fun. When companies introduce non-stick cookware customers are intrigued to give it a try. Popular kitchenware company Newell Rubbermaid introduced a line of cookware called Calphalon, which is made in a more modern and advanced way of making safer non-stick surfaces for cookware. There have been studies about non-stick cookware being unsafe to heat up, are Calphalon pans oven safe?

Calphalon pans’ non-stick surfaces are made of anodized aluminum, which is much safer in heat than Teflon. It also is a lot more attractive, which makes cooks happy to have Calphalon pans hanging up in their kitchens.

This type of cookware is usually called hard-anodization cookware which refers to the electro-chemical process they use to harden the aluminum. They then use a mix of chemicals and electric pulses to harden the aluminum to make it safe for cooking. This process makes the pan extremely durable and resistant to any damages. The cookware goes through this process to ensure that no chemicals cook off from it. These pans are so strong that the heat can’t damage the pan and no toxins are being released.

This should definitely make you feel more comfortable about cooking with Calphalon pans. If you are still wondering “are Calphalon pans oven safe?” then keep reading and we will explain it a little further.

How Do You Know If A Pan Is Oven Safe?

With so much talk lately about which cookware is safe to use and which has toxins, it may have you wondering how do you know if a pan is oven safe or not? If you put a pan that isn’t oven safe in the oven then you are going to have a disaster. The handles are bound to melt and there will be toxic fumes stinking up your kitchen. This is something you never want to experience.

To tell if your pan is oven safe check for the labels. An oven safe pan will have a label on the bottom as well as text to let you know. If your pan is older and the label may have worn away, there is a good way to tell if your pan is oven safe or not. A pan made of ceramic or metal can always go in the oven safely, whereas a pan that has a non-stick Teflon coating or plastic handles should never go in the oven.

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Are Calphalon Select Pans Oven Safe?

Calphalon Select is a line of pans from Newell Rubbermaid. They are built to last and made from their unique hard-anodized aluminum to ensure the safest non-stick cooking method. They are strong and durable with comfort grip handles to make cooking easier for you. As mentioned above you shouldn’t put anything non-stick in the oven. Are Calphalon Select pans oven safe?

The hard-anodized aluminum that these pans are made from makes them a lot easier to work with than Teflon when it comes to eliminating worries. You can safely put your Calphalon Select pan in the oven. They are designed to be oven safe as long as the temperature is below 400 degrees fahrenheit.

Unlike Teflon, the hard-anodized aluminum has already been through the extreme heating process. This is why it can withstand high temperatures without compromising the safety of your food.

The one downside to Calphalon Select pans is that they are not dishwasher safe, so they need to be washed by hand after every use. Luckily they have an easy to clean surface.

Are Calphalon Premier Pans Oven Safe?

Another top choice product from Newell Rubbermaid is their Calphalon Premier pan set. This 13 piece set pot and pan set is made to make cooking user friendly, and clean up even simpler. A worry people have is when things are too easy in the kitchen there’s a good chance of food being contaminated. So, are Calphalon Premier pans oven safe as well?

The Calphalon Premier pans are actually even more safe than the Select models. The technology to make the Premier line was a lot more advanced which resulted in a much more reliable product. The Calphalon Premier pans can handle heat in the oven as high as 450 degrees fahrenheit. That’s 50 degrees more heat than the Select line.

If you were impressed by how these pots and pans can handle more heat safely, then this next part will make you happy. All of the cookware from the Calphalon Premier pan set is dishwasher safe. Cleaning up after dinner just got a lot easier!

Are Calphalon Pans Oven Safe? Final Thoughts

It’s such a relief knowing that Calphalon Pans are made to keep your food safe and your clean up easy. They have really put the research and hard work into making non-stick pots and pans that can withstand high heats without leaching toxic chemicals onto your food.

You can have the best of both worlds with Calphalon pans! Their hard-anodized material can make you feel happy about getting rid of all of your Teflon made products. Only cook safely from now on.

Calphalon pans are the right choice for oven safe cookware.

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