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Glassware is unique in the world of cooking. A lot of times, when cookware comes to mind, we think of metal first and foremost. Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or a combination of the three, are the most popular cookware. This doesn’t mean that glass cookware are not good though. As long as they are manufactured well, these products can be a huge advantage in the kitchen. On this post, we talk all about cooking glassware sets.

Pros and Cons of Glassware

No product is perfect. There may be products that have lots of pros, but that doesn’t guarantee that it doesn’t have any cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of glassware when used for cooking.

Pro: Glassware Distributes Heat Evenly

One big advantage of glassware is that it distributes heat evenly – which is great for cooking. However, glass is a poor heat conductor – it doesn’t heat up quickly. But just as it takes a while to get hot, it also takes a while before it loses all that heat. This is why glass cookware is good for cakes, pies, casseroles, or braised meats.

Pro: Glass is Free of Chemicals

Glass is a lot better to use as a food storage container than plastic. Glass is not made with chemicals. It’s BPA-free. Plus, it dosn’t react with acidic foods such as tomatoes or wine – unlike copper pots.

Pro: Glass Cookware Does NOT Absorb Flavor or Odor

Unlike plastic containers, glass doesn’t absorb the smells or flavor of the food stored in it. It doesn’t have a porous surface in which small particles get stuck.

Pro: Glass Cookware is Oven, Microwave, Fridge, Dishwasher, and Sometimes Freezer Safe

Glass cookware can be your all-around food container. You can store food in it and put it in the fridge. Some are even freezer-safe. Then, when you need warm up the food, you can just throw the glass container into the microwave or oven.

Plus, glass cookware is often dishwasher-safe. It is convenient and easy to clean.

Con: Glass Cookware Shatters

The biggest disadvantage of glass cookware is how it is prone to cracking or shattering. Sudden changes in temperature or a simple bump can crack the material. Another thing to be careful about is using glass cookware under the broiler. Unless it is specifically mentioned by the manufacturer that the glass can handle it, chances are the glass will break.

The Best Cooking Glassware Sets

Libbey Baker’s Basic 3-Piece Glass Baking Dish (B0009NJ00KY)


Glass cookware’s greatest weakness is durability, or the lack thereof. But these three pieces from Libbey are loved for their durability. Additionally, they are also very easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. They come in different sizes – 1-quart, 2-quart, and 3.2-quart.

Storage is easy – these items are stackable. They are safe for the oven, microwave, refrigerator, or freezer. To ensure proper maintenance, you can refer to the Libbey website for proper handling and care instructions.

The complaints about this product are unreasonable. Some people complain about it cracking in the oven or when delivered. When it cracks in the oven, it’s because it’s exposed to too much heat, far above than it’s meant to handle. When it’s cracked when delivered, chances are it’s because of the delivery system, not the manufacturing.

Another complaint about it is that it is heavy. But that is what you get when you want durable glass cookware. The only viable complaint about this product is that the lids don’t perfectly match their dish.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean
Affordable, 3-piece set
Lids don’t match the dishes

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Anchor Hocking Oven Basics 15-Piece Glass Basic Dishes (B000J6BZDQ)


Anchor Hocking is one of the best glass cookware manufacturers in the world. They have been in the business for the past 116 years. And they don’t disappoint. Their glass is proudly American-made.

This set features Anchor Hocking’s Tempered-Tough Glass. It is built to last. And as expected from well-made glass cookware, it is safe in the microwave, pre-heated oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer.

The glass can withstand temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit (218 degrees Celsius). There is a 55-year warranty on the product, along with instructions on how to use the set. This set can’t be used on top of a burner stove, grill, toaster oven, or under a broiler. It can’t be exposed to flame or any direct heat source. The glass is made from tempered soda-lime-silicate glass.

The only drawback with this set is that it has lids made of plastic. These lids can’t be used inside an oven or a microwave. And when used to store food, the chemicals from the plastic can mix into the food or the odor of the food can stick into the plastic.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean
Wide-variety set
Has plastic lids

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CorningWare Stovetop Pyroceram Blue Cornflower, 4-Piece Set (B008XWUKZM)


Here’s a beautiful set of cooking glassware. It is a limited edition and the best set ever by the manufacturer. It is as much a collectible piece of art as it is functional cookware. It can last you years if taken care of properly.

The glassware is safe for use on electric or gas stovetops. They are also dishwasher, microwave, pre-heated oven, and broiler safe. The set comes with Pyrex lids. There’s a 10-year limited warranty on the Pyroceram cookware while there’s a 2-year limited warranty on the pyrex glass lids.

The set is resistant to chipping; it is durable. The only disadvantage I can see with this product is the cornflower design on it. The color pigments might mix into the food if you are not careful.

Pros Cons
Extremely durable and chip-resistant
Easy to clean
Gift-wrapping is available
Has chemically pigmented designs

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